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Solid Throw Pillows

Adding accent pieces to a room is easy to do and pays off big time. Often it only takes a glance to fall in love with beautiful decor, getting you excited about expressing yourself artistically. Some people prefer to calculate carefully exactly where each decorative object has the greatest impact. Others like to give their emotions free reign with the creative process. No matter how you get inspired, the bold colors and designs of artwork, throw pillows, blankets, rugs and other home accents definitely make an awesome impression. At Pottery Barn, we totally understand your passion for decor. We offer a generous variety of pieces to choose from. What can solid throw pillows do for a space? Here are a couple of ideas.

Solid throw pillows are just the right size for a nice pop of intense color. What effect does that have on a room? Well, vibrant tones attract attention right away. They’re almost impossible to miss. So solid throw pillows in bright colors are a great way to direct people to the central area in your space, your magnum opus of sorts. At the same time, brilliant reds, yellows, and blues infuse the room with excitement. Throw pillows add those energetic hues without overpowering things. You’re happy and your guests are thrilled, so it’s win-win.

There’s no reason to stop at a single accent color if you want to go for more. Playing around with two, three or more colors gives your furniture a very artistic vibe. What colors should you use? That’s totally up to you. You can look at your room’s existing color palette or invent a new one. With complementary designs, you use a base color and its opposite on the color wheel. With a blue sofa, for example, tangerine throw pillows stand out. Split-complementary designs opt for shades on either side instead, like red-orange and yellow-orange.

Another popular idea is to use analogous hues – colors right next to each other – like blue, blue-green, green and lime green together. This color theme is relaxing and cool. For extra warmth, go with red, red-orange and orange. They look amazing with honey-colored woods or leather.

Of course, bright blow-your-mind tones like red aren’t the only thing that solid throw pillows do well. If you have a more laid-back personality, and want a spot dedicated to peaceful relaxation, subtler color arrangements help create a soothing ambience. Use a variety of neutral tones like light gray, taupe, gentle rose and lavender for an intimate effect.

You’re also not limited to purely using solid tones – although you definitely can if you want to – when decorating with throw pillows and blankets. Mixing things up with a few geometric patterns, stripes or art designs adds lots of chic. In that case, think of the solid pillows as highlighting the main colors you want guests to take away, while motifs provide an interesting backdrop for them to play off of. In the case of softer accent pillows, the roles are reversed, with patterns being what stands out the most.

How many throw pillows should you use on a sofa, sectional, chair or bed? That depends on the ambience you’re looking for. In minimalist designs, less is more. Rustic layouts usually incorporate a lot of pillows since they make the room look warm and inviting.

Do you need to use equal pairs – like pillows that are identical in shape, color or pattern – for balance? That’s up to you. Even numbers and symmetrical arrangements are a hallmark of traditional or classic decor, like the picture-perfect designs of the 1950s. But you can also go with odd numbers and irregular placement for a modern and artistic feel. Draping a throw on one end of a sofa is an asymmetrical way to grab attention. You can put three pillows on one side and two on the other – or even just use a single pillow – and it looks completely balanced. The same thing goes for layered decorative pillows: there’s nothing wrong with letting one pillow stand out from the crowd. Faux fur pillows or abstract art pieces really shine this way.