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Pillow Covers Dress Up Your Home

Make a change at home with throw pillows, pillow covers and accents that add color, depth and softness to your space. Many times, our homes become a collection of things we love, whether or not we select them to match with what we already have. Solid throw pillows can harmonize a room full of lovingly curated objects, accents and furnishings. Select a color you love and shop for pillow covers in every size and texture you can find.

New Trends in Throw Pillows

The trend in accent pillows these days looks a lot different than when the style was to simply prop a couple of pillows in the corners of your sofa or sectional.

  • Now, solid throw pillows are more popular than ever, thanks to new ways of designing pillow covers. Tonal woven texture helps you pull off a modern monochrome look.
  • Look for birds-eye diamond weaves, textured linen, tightly looped chenille and silk jacquard expanses of fabric. When you find a bunch that you love, be sure to invest in pillow inserts so you can swap pillow styles all the time.
  • Make sure you get velvet in some of newest shades. Traditionally reserved for jewel tones, duskier colors are showing up in stylish homes and the look is incredible.

Creating A Design Story with Solid Throw Pillows

Let your pillow covers tell a design story. When you use color and depth to magnify your decorating skills, everyone recognizes your home as a beautiful place to be.

  • Choose solid-color pillows in the same size in a rainbow of colors to create an ombre effect across your seating, on the floor around a low table or in front of a media center.
  • Discover pillow covers with just the slightest hint of contrast. A fabric like Belgian linen carries color beautifully, so a simple ribbon of piping can really pop.
  • Go wall-to-wall monochrome in each room for major whole-home impact. This is a look with special meaning because only a select few--your family and most treasured guests--have the chance to notice the effect by spending time in more than one room.

Use Texture to Define Solid Colors

Look to texture to help your pillow covers stand out. In addition to the velvets and jacquards trending right now, faux fur pillows have become a classic after years of making the cut in living rooms, bedrooms and entertainment dens. Today's pillows are so well made that there's no need to attempt realistic fur patterns anymore. The fibers are lustrous, full and touchable, making them another great contender in your search for stacks of pillow covers.