Botanical Art

Create a beautiful, natural aesthetic in your home that can transport you to a lush, earthy world with botanical art available at Pottery Barn. Invoke the essence of rich, desert landscapes with succulents or opt for coastal vibes with art featuring bougainvillea and palm trees. Experience the refreshing nature of springtime year-round with botanical art depicting cherry blossoms and other spring flowers, including lilies and tulips. Breathe life into your living room and match botanical art to decorative pillows that allow you to build up your nature theme. Choose pillows depicting seashells to enhance your coastal theme, or add ferns for a lush garden vibe right in your living or bedroom.

Pair your botanical art with plants and flowers that complete any style or design. Opt for artificial plants to keep maintenance low and enjoy bloom all year long, or choose live plants to add a delightful fragrance to your home. Spring botanical art works well with live lavender to create the feeling of being outdoors in lush springtime fields. Complement images of ferns and succulents with live versions to add dimension and create depth in any room.

Display your live or artificial plants in decorative vases that complement your botanical art to create a cohesive look. Add a touch of glamour to your natural aesthetic with sparkling vases that create a whimsical look when paired with botanical art featuring dandelions, dill and soft grasses. Keep the room neutral by pairing vases and botanical art in the same color family or add a bold pop of color to a green botanical art theme with an orange or bold red vase. Add a vibrant culinary touch to your kitchen with botanical art featuring fruits and vegetables that pair well with vases for centerpieces in your dining room or breakfast nook.

Bring the romantic backyard vibe into your home by illuminating your botanical art with lanterns and string lights that add a whimsical touch. Choose lit decor featuring twig construction to add texture and a natural look that complements botanical art depicting trees and leaves. Look for lit orbs to add round dimension to square artwork and a contemporary look or soft, warm mood. Add lanterns to create an outdoor feel in your living room, and pair it with candles to create warm lighting for movie watching or a romantic dinner for two. Choose lanterns in metal or wood finishes that match your botanical art frames for a cohesive look that works well with any style.