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If you ask someone to define the concept of art, chances are his or her definition of what it is and isn’t will differ from yours. That’s because art is very subjective, just like the adage that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In part, that’s exactly what makes art so amazing. Each artist and interior designer – you included – sees the world a little bit differently. They emphasize distinct angles, tones and styles of objects that are both similar and wildly diverse. All of that gives you an enormous canvas to choose from when deciding how to decorate your home. At Pottery Barn, we love art. That’s why we’ve brought together a collection of amazing artists with very expressive and individual work. Not sure what piece is perfect for your space? Shop by artist, check out a few awesome ideas for inspiration and lose yourself in the extraordinary design possibilities your favorites have to offer.

Art has a powerful effect on any space. It stands out and pretty much sets the tone – along with a few major furniture pieces such as a sectional or bed – for the rest of the room’s decor. If something gets you very excited, go for it. Energetic artwork makes the whole space come alive, infusing it with emotion and elements of your personality.

One thing you have probably discovered is that certain artists seem to resonate with your outlook on life. Some photographers appear to see the world the same way you do, focusing on the same small details that you enjoy. If that’s the case, there’s nothing wrong with using prints from that artist throughout the entire home – in your bedroom, bathroom, dining room, office and living room. It creates a harmonious style that people notice and that makes you feel happy no matter where you go.

Does that mean that you have to use pieces from only one artist throughout the house, or at least in the same room? Not at all. Many decorators – and even artists themselves – see each painting or photograph as its own universe, independent from the rest of the room. True, there are some benefits with coordinating colors between room accents and artwork if you want to, but it’s not obligatory by any means. The important thing is to express yourself. If three separate paintings from different artists – and perhaps even distinct tones – tell the story you envision for a space, then they make a terrific addition to the room.

Black-and-white photography is both vintage and chic. If you’re creating a 1920s-inspired living room, Prohibition-era photographs fit right in. Pair them with a period sofa and chairs – tufted leather is one gorgeous option – and lots of metallic and mirrored accents. Floor lamps, chandeliers, vases and bright plants make entertaining with martinis and soft jazz an unforgettable occasion.

Paintings and photography can stand out big time in a couple of ways. They often contain vibrant colors that grab your attention, such as violet, red, blue and green, sometimes all in the same piece. Adding a lot of color to a single room brings it to life and puts a big smile on the face of anyone nearby. This option is perfect for Mediterranean designs and bright white rooms.

If you prefer a neutral palette, look for artwork with distinctive lines and shapes. Abstract works are a possibility, but not the only one. In reality, even subtle floral designs contain an impressive amount of intricacy and geometric patterns. Neutral tones are helpful when you want a room that feels relaxing and comfortable.

If you have a passion for pure art or your idea of the ideal open-concept living room is a space that feels like a curated art gallery, then look for simple lines with bold pops of color. Artists with a flair for architectural masterpieces often fit beautifully into this kind of style. Enhance the pieces you choose with accent lighting like pendants or wall sconces.