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Star Spangled Summer Mix, Match & RelaxShow Off Your Stars & Stripes

Celebrate the season of picnics, barbecues and pool parties – in style.


Liven Up Your Inner Sanctuary With Patriotic Wall Decor

If you're in need of an inner-home refresh, or you're starting from scratch in a new home, you're going to need something on the walls to create texture, personality and warmth to the space. Pottery Barn has an extensive line of wall art that will be sure to fill that space and provide much-needed personality to your home. Plus, we also have a specialty collection of patriotic wall decor for those adorning their place for a get-together, or just to have displayed all year long.

Kinds of Patriotic Wall Art

From full-on American flags to a mix-and-match of reds, whites and blues, we've got something that will fit in any space in the home. Prints, framed photographs, collages and more - here's just a sampling of what we have to offer:


There's nothing like the classic American flag to really make a statement in a room. Consider a graphic print with plenty of white space, or a giclee reproduction of a vintage American flag that hugs the full frame. We've also got flag variations, such as a nautical-inspired stars-and-stripes, as well as simple red, white and blue vertical stripes.


Evoke timeless images of America and all its glory by hanging wooden oars above the couch, or if you're a history buff, a unique planked USA quadtych representing the United States.

Graphic prints

Take the American image to the next level with a graphic print featuring a double matte finished dynamic composition of an American star in red, white and blue. If you want something a bit more colorful, try a textured giclee reproduction of horizontal bright blue and red stripes with pops of yellow for a vibrant touch.

Better yet, get one of each with a wall collage complete with graphic print, stripes, geometric reds and blues and the nautical American flag as a centerpiece.

Versatile Art

Take the party indoors this summer - whether it's just for a drink or two or a full-on dinner - to show off your patriotic pieces, which are sure to garner comment and admiration from guests and family alike. When it's time to celebrate the big day, consider rearranging the wall art to better suit the dining and lounge area decor.

Elevate your inner sanctuary with vast and varied patriotic wall art from Pottery Barn. Whether it's for a special Fourth of July gathering or something to display all year long, we've got what you're looking for. Shop today and lend a spirited and patriotic touch to your home.