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How to Store Blankets

The end of winter means longer days and warmer temperatures. It also means storing blankets and other cozy accessories until the cold weather returns. From vacuum storage bags to a cedar chest or lidded bins, there are many ways to store blankets so that they stay fresh and don’t degrade or attract pests. Whether you want to display your blankets within view or stow them neatly out of sight, we at Pottery Barn can help you determine how to store them until you're ready to use them again.

Storing Blankets Out of Sight

Do you have seasonal blankets you swap out every few months? If so, it’s helpful to consider storage options that let you keep what you’re not using out of sight. Each of these can keep your blankets organized and in good condition while they’re tucked away.

Vacuum storage bags, also known as compression bags, seal blankets tightly and conserve a fair amount of space. To use them, simply insert the blankets inside and zip the bags shut. Then, either roll out the air through the blackflow-preventing vents, or vacuum the air out through a valve that’s attached to the bag. When these bags are deflated, they’re only a few inches tall – if that. It’s easy to slide them under a bed or stack them in a trunk or linen closet. Vacuum bags work well for knit cotton and acrylic blankets that compress well.

If you have blankets made of wool or other animal fibers, a cedar chest is an excellent storage tool. Cedar chests are wooden containers lined with fragrant cedar wood. The oils in cedar naturally repel moths and insects, which makes these trunks an ideal storage option for protecting blankets made of natural fibers. For blankets that get matted down, like faux fur varieties, covered storage like a cedar chest or plastic box with a lid will protect the blanket from losing volume, too. It’s best to keep loftier blankets like this in boxes, not vacuum bags, to keep the fabric full.

Lidded bins work well for all blankets, and they come in many sizes and colors. Hard-sided bins keep bedding and blankets clean and allergen-free. Smaller lidded plastic bins store throws beneath the bed. Larger bins hold bulkier quilts and comforters in the attic, basement or garage.

Storing Blankets Around Your Home

Decorative blankets, pillows and slipcovers swap out from season to season easily. Even when you aren’t using them, they can still add color and some decorative touches to your home. If your blanket is designed for all seasons, drape it over a solid-colored chair or couch. While the blanket and couch colors don’t change, periodically updating the decorative and accent pillows brings variety to the room. For a blanket in a solid color, lively, patterned decorative pillows help you change the look of the room. A blanket with bold colors and patterns looks nice with a subdued pillow.

Decorating with Blanket Storage

Your blanket storage can easily become a beautiful decorative element in your home. Is your storage chest out in a living room or family room? Holiday decorations add a festive finish to dress up your blanket storage. Cover a cedar chest or storage box with seasonal items like garlands, candles and figurines. If your blanket’s colors match those of the holiday, make it part of the festivities. A green, red, blue or gray throw, for instance, complements the color scheme of a winter holiday celebration. After the holiday season ends, prepare the blanket for long-term storage by cleaning it and storing it in your preferred location.

Boxes and trays can also solve a blanket storage conundrum. Use them to cover up a plain bin. Drape a white cloth over the bin and cover it with a silver or gold display tray. Put a candle on the tray or adorn it with a small vase and a stack of books for an aesthetic finish. Display trays can also sit on top of a pressed, folded blanket. This adds visual variety to the room and eliminates the need for finding large amounts of storage space for blankets. Simply fold the blanket and place it on a little-used chair with the tray on top.

Surprisingly, decorative lanterns can also play a role in blanket storage. If you keep your blanket in view, putting a lantern next to it brings out the blanket’s colors and textures. Old-fashioned, rustic lanterns look especially fitting next to a red or plaid blanket. Because lanterns also match nicely with cedar, put one or two atop a cedar chest for decoration.

Look to beautiful, colorful quilts for inspiration on creating an entire color scheme revolving around your blanket. Seasonal items, such as matching throw pillow covers, create a uniform look in the room, whether you're displaying the blanket on your bed or on a sofa. Fold a blanket with similar colors on the end of the bed or place it on top of a trunk at the end of a bed. Alternatively, drape the blanket over a nearby chair for a cozy spot to sit and read.

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