Totes and Weekenders

At Pottery Barn, we know that totes and weekenders are your go-to travel bags when your regular luggage or even your carry-on is too large for your short trips. Even if you are on a longer rest and relaxation getaway, totes and weekenders are practical alternatives if you prefer to pack lightly. There are also those who prefer slinging on travel bags instead of rolling away with spinners, and if that’s you, we have a fine selection of totes and weekenders from which you can choose to find the travel bags that suit your requirements and tastes. Our tote and weekender bags come in a wide range of sizes, designs and capacities, and in leather, canvas or a combination of both materials.

Between the two travel bags, totes hold a slight advantage over weekenders when it comes to versatility. Because of their design, totes work well both as an everyday, multipurpose bag and as a travel bag for short out-of-town trips. You can use tote bags to carry your stuff with you to the park, mall or even while doing your grocery shopping. Totes are also a popular choice for trips to the beach or the water park for your swimwear, shades, sunscreen and beach towel. For this type of trip, our canvas totes, especially those with colorful summer prints are a good choice. You can also pick one of our wet/dry bags, which go well with the summer totes for your towels and swimsuits.

As travel bags, totes can carry the items that you need for a day or two away from home. These may include a few extra change of clothes, your tablet, a charger, your toiletries, makeup or shaving kits and a travel pillow. Some of our totes have extra pockets where you can organize your more important stuff such as your jewelry and watches, medicines and travel documents. Another offering has exterior pockets that give you extra storage space for items that you may need quick access to such as water bottles, sunglasses, power banks and pocket books. Keep in mind that our tote bags come in different sizes and storage capacities, so you can pick one that meets your needs for your short trips.

Our weekender bags, on the other hand have their own advantages over totes. As their name implies, weekenders can contain enough travel essentials to last you the whole weekend and even more. Weekender bags also work well as a carry-on, and since the bag is mostly fabric, you can always stuff in that extra pair of pants or bath towel. Like our tote bags, our weekenders come in different sizes, with some being large enough for a few changes of clothes and others having enough room for your cosmetic bags and toiletry cases.

Some of our totes and weekenders are part of a travel luggage set with matching designs. You can choose to purchase the entire set or start with one or two bags to complete the set. Apart from the totes and weekenders, our luggage set choices also include checked and carry-on spinners, backpacks, pouches and messenger bags.

Having matching designs on your travel bags makes it easier for you to identify them, which can be a blessing in certain situations such as being in a busy airport. Some of our travel accessories can also be helpful for your travels, and these accessories include luggage tags, passport holders, jewelry holders and a saddle leather catchall. Monogramming, which is a popular Williams-Sonoma service, is available for some tote and weekender offerings, which also make them a great gift idea as well as easy recognition at baggage claim.