Wall Mirrors


The perfect wall mirror is a combination of function and style. You can have one without the other, but why not have both? There are a variety of wall mirror styles that can please any palate. Framed mirrors are the best, however, framless wall mirrors have their own appeal. Choose from bamboo styles, wooden styles or metal styles. Whether you're looking for a place to powder your nose or a beautiful decorative effect for a bare wall, here are some ideas to help you find the right wall mirror for your particular needs.


Wall mirrors and objects that match your home decor make great accessories. Don't be afraid to get bold with your mirrors. Everything you're looking for is out there. From a bamboo frame to a silver beaded mirror, you can tie in your home's theme with the right decorative objects. If your home is rustic, choose a mirror surrounded by wood. If your style is more contemporary with a lot of glass furniture, try a frameless wall mirror with geometric shapes. The stronger the edges and frame are for your wall mirror, the more statement it has. If you're staying minimalistic and simple, frameless mirrors are the way to go. If you prefer to add more detail to your wall, try a quatrefoil mirror with a thick frame.


If you have a smaller space and want to make it look more open, mirrors are a great way to give the illusion that the room is larger. A large mirrored wall provides you with a full body view to see your entire outfit and appears to open up your space. A lot of businesses incorporate this trick. Ever been in a clothing store and almost walked into a mirror?


If your home doesn't have enough natural light, position a mirror to reflect the sunlight entering your window, which will let the light bounce around in another direction, making your room brighter overall.


Make sure your floating wall mirror is secure. Depending on how thick the mirror is, you'll need an equally strong wall mount. Safety first, always double check the wall mount stipulations and what weight matches it.


Vertical vs. Horizontal.


A vertical wall mirror spreads things out, drawing attention to lateral lines, while a horizontal mirror lengthens and brings attention to the lines going up and down. Take a look at what your room needs. If you have a low ceiling, choose a horizontal mirror to add some length.