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Wall Mirrors

Interior designers have known for ages that a perfect mirror in the right spot can do wonders for a room. Not only does a mirror function as a place to check your reflection, it’s also a way to make a room seem larger and brighter. It can even bring the outdoors indoors with the right placement! At Pottery Barn, we can give you some design trade secrets on selecting and placing wall mirrors in the most advantageous ways.

To Accessorize Your Space

If you’re choosing a mirror to function as a decorative piece, select a good-size mirror with a bold frame or design. Don’t rely only on a small mirror; it will get lost on the wall. Instead, group a few small mirrors with decorative frames of either different or similar shapes and sizes for visual interest. If you’re unsure what color or style mirror frame to choose, look down for inspiration and take a cue from the colors and design of your accent and entry rugs, carpets or other floor coverings for a cohesive, coordinating style.

To Create a Focal Point in a Room

A beautiful, big wall mirror placed above a fireplace mantel is a classic way to create a focal point in a room. To cast the focus on other walls, design a space where you can hang wall sconces on either side of a mirror to immediately draw attention, especially when the lamps are lit.

To Make Your Space Appear Larger

Mirrors create the illusion that a room has more depth and more space than it actually does. So choose the biggest wall mirror possible to make your space appear larger. When using a mirror to make your room seem larger, avoid one with a bold frame and select a subtle frame so your eye and the wall space will remain uninterrupted.

To Make Your Space Brighter

Using wall mirrors to make your room seem brighter is one of the easiest design tricks to achieve. All you need to do is place a lamp in front of a large enough mirror that will reflect the light. Or, place a tall mirror behind a pendant or a large mirror across from a chandelier. Or create a romantic mood by lighting a group of candles in front of a mirror to double the reflection. For an instant glow, consider a dual-purpose mirror with built-in votive or candle holders to create a distinctive display of flickering candlelight that emanates throughout the room.

To Reflect the Outdoors In Your Space

Consider first what outdoor view you want the mirror to reflect, then find a space on the wall directly opposite the window. In addition to reflecting the outdoor vista and adding perceived depth to your space, your wall mirror will also draw in more natural light. Consider the height of your mirror in relation to the window and the vista. You may have to experiment a little bit to find the right reflection.

Now that you know how to use wall mirrors to please the eye, you can use them to your advantage and impact the way your rooms look and feel. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different mirrors and their positioning to find the look that's perfect for you.