Wall Mirrors

Elevate indoor rooms to new heights by adding a wall mirror. Use the functionality of wall mirrors to brighten and increase space while giving off a sense of warmth. Invite visitors in and add interest by taking advantage of wall mirrors’ decorative appeal. We make it possible for you to craft your extra wall space with the many styles of mirrors from Pottery Barn. Transform the bathroom, living room, entryway or any room with the reflective and decorative powers of a wall mirror. Portray the feeling you desire with different shapes, frames and colors. Dray attention or add essence to the complete room.

Hang a wall mirror in your entryway. Provide comfort to anyone needing to take one last glimpse before heading out. Hang the mirror at the right height to give people an excellent view of themselves, usually 60 inches from the floor to the center of the mirror. Pair with other entryway furniture to design one of the most used spaces in the house. Choose a mirror that is large enough to show the whole person’s head and hat. Consider a wider mirror so many people can use it at once. Provide a place for keys and other accessories by choosing a mirror with a drawer or shelf.

Brighten up any room by placing the wall mirror in the best spot to reflect the light. Enhance the natural light by hanging the mirror opposite a window. Choose a larger mirror to reflect more light. Boost the room’s artificial light by placing mirrors at the same height and across from the lighting fixtures. For a long dining table try pairing with a long mirror or multiple mirrors placed together. To reflect the light from chandeliers or pendants, try a longer mirror and hang it closer to the ceiling.

Bring all of the wall mirrors’ attributes into your living room. Create an alternate effect by using wall mirrors instead of art. Try hanging above furniture like a sofa or a table. For a blended approach, choose a mirror with a width smaller than the piece of furniture. Around two-thirds is a tried-and-true size for the mirror. Make a bold declaration and create a focal point by choosing a mirror that is as long as the furniture. Try pairing mirrors together yet following the same length rules for a similar effect.

Create a pleasant view by combining smaller mirrors with other wall hangings. Try putting decorative art or picture frames on each side of the mirror. Use wall sconces to increase task lighting. Mount small mirrors with other varied sizes of mirrors for a heightened look and feel. Space them all evenly and start with the largest mirror first. To create the most cohesive group, use mirrors with the same frame and shape. To add contrast, choose different frames and colors but use colors with the same tone to keep the grouping together.

Pick the right frame for the mirror to heighten the feel of the room. Use frames to add to the decor or go frameless and use the shape of the mirror to add style, or use both. Form a sleek and minimalistic look by picking mirrors with metal or thin wood. Become formal and chic by choosing gilded and ornate frames. Use thin frames to blend into the decor and thicker more ornamental frames to stand out. Match the mirror to the rug to tie in all aspects of the room. Hang a mirror with curves to soften the hard angles, or match the design to accent it.

Provide functionality and pleasing effects for the eye by hanging the wall mirror in the bathroom. Create your very own bathroom space by placing the mirror above a bathroom vanity. Choose a pivot mirror for personalized movement. For smaller mirrors, center above the sink while larger mirrors can be centered above a vanity.