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Decorating with Wall Mirrors

Impart elegance to any room with wall mirrors from Pottery Barn. The selection contains a wide variety of decorative mirrors in different shapes and sizes. Whether you're looking for a new mirror for the living room, bedroom or another room of your home, there's something to suit your style.

Types of Wall Mirrors

A wall mirror is a great way to make a stylish impact, regardless of what size or shape you choose. Here are some of the most popular types of wall mirrors from which to choose:

  • Square and Rectangular Mirrors: Perhaps the most traditional type of wall mirror is the square or rectangular shape. Some of these mirrors are simple and unframed, while others have ornate frames for a sophisticated look. Square and rectangular mirrors range from small to large, making it easy to find one that fits your space.
  • Round Mirrors: If you like a classic look that works in most any room, opt for a round mirror. There are circular and oval mirrors for every design style. A round mirror hung over the vanity makes a great addition to the bedroom. Or, you could hang one of these mirrors in the hall to accent the area.
  • Multipanel Mirrors: It's easy to achieve an eye-catching look with a multipanel mirror. This type of mirror has framed panels to impart plenty of visual interest to your space. Although you can see your reflection in these decorative mirrors, they're more for looks than for practical purposes.
  • Cabinet Mirrors: Add extra storage to the room with a cabinet mirror. Also commonly called medicine cabinets, this style of mirror opens to reveal an interior compartment with shelves. This type of mirror is an excellent addition to the bathroom, as the cabinet space offers plenty of room for toiletries.

Accent Items for Decorative Mirrors

Complement your new mirror with one or more accent items for a professionally decorated appearance. Hang wall sconces on either side of a rectangular or square mirror for a stylish look. Or, hang your mirror above a wall shelf and place decorative objects on the shelf. A grouping of candles makes an elegant accent, especially when the candles are lit and the glow reflects in the mirror.

Browse the selection of wall mirrors at Pottery Barn to find the one that's right for your home. There are also plenty of other furnishings and accent pieces from which to choose, so you can express your creativity and put together a look that reflects your style.