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Decorating with Wallpaper

Looking to give your walls a complete makeover? Put away the paint color samples and consider using wallpaper instead. While papering your walls has a reputation for being an "old-fashioned" decorating technique, the modern and stylish paper options at Pottery Barn prove that this couldn't be further from the truth.

Paper wall coverings can be used in a variety of ways around the home:

  • Cover your entire living room or bedroom for a bold look, or cover just one section to create an eye-catching feature wall.
  • Give an old bookshelf a makeover by lining the back surface or the shelves with patterned paper.
  • Freshen up your kitchen by papering the cupboard doors or the inside of glass-front kitchen cabinets.
  • Add a pop of color to a serving tray with leftover paper scraps.

Since most of these papers are self-adhesive, they're easy to apply to just about any non-textured walls or surface around the home. Once you've settled on a spot, all that's left to do is to choose the design that suits your personal decorating style.

Botanical Paper

Lovely floral and botanical papers are a popular choice for traditional-style homes. These large blooms, fresh leaves and bright colors bring the beauty of the outdoors inside. Once you've applied the paper, you can also add bouquets of gorgeous artificial flowers throughout the room to tie the look together.

Woodgrain Paper

Another top choice for traditional homes is woodgrain paper. When you choose these great designs, you'll get the look of natural wood without the hassle and expense of installing real wood paneling. Choose from a variety of wood colors, all of which come with irregular knots and grain patterns for an authentic look. These wood-inspired papers will add warmth and rustic charm to any wall.

Metallic Paper

Shimmering metallic paper epitomizes the best in modern wallpaper. Available in eye-catching shades like gold and copper, these papers coordinate perfectly with contemporary glass and metal furniture. The chic shine from metallic wall coverings will make any room feel fancier.

Patterned Paper

Add style to any space with classic patterned papers available in a rainbow of colors. Since the patterns range from bold to subtle, you can choose to keep it simple or make a big statement in your home.

  • Chunky striped papers can be applied horizontally to make the room look wider or vertically to create the illusion of higher ceilings.
  • Plaid papers feature a timeless pattern that makes rooms feel casual and cozy.
  • Damask papers, on the other hand, are sophisticated and give rooms an upscale, elegant feel.
  • Geometric patterns are a fun and fresh choice that can be styled for modern or traditional households.

Textured Paper

Add visual and tactile interest to your walls at the same time with textured wallpaper. Simply peel and stick these textured papers to add dimension and depth to any space. Some come with the texture of real reclaimed wood paneling while others have the feel of woven fabrics like burlap.

Whether you want to cover the walls of an entire room or simply add a hint of color to your furniture, Pottery Barn has the right wallpaper for you. Choose from a variety of unique wallpaper options featuring everything from classic floral prints to elegant damask patterns. Whether you prefer muted tones, shimmery metallics or something in between, these gorgeous wall coverings are sure to transform the look of your home.