Wreathes, Garlands and Plants

Treat your front door as a gracious entry point when you adorn it with creative and fragrant wreaths, topiaries and potted faux trees from the collection we have at Pottery Barn. Our wreaths, garlands and plants aren’t just for fall and winter holidays. They look fresh and amazing in spring and summer too. Select from live and dried wreaths in soothing shades of green like an aromatic rosemary wreath that greets visitors with its spicy, lively scent. Choose a wreath decorated with seashells suitable for a beach house or cottage look. There’s a wreath in our collection for every style of house, condominium or apartment door.

Use a wreath with floral accents, then place one of our substantial garden planters on either side of the door in a matched set for a more formal look to your front entrance or porch. If the area is too small for a pair of planters, use a potted tree or topiary that you set to one side of the door. This works to add depth and interest to a plain landing or stoop. For a more festive spring and summer look, pair an over-the-door garland with a coordinating wreath. Garlands placed above the door help make taller door frames look more inviting and cozy.

If your porch light is outdated and doesn’t properly showcase your wreath or front door decor, add a few new outdoor lighting fixtures to the scene. Our outdoor sconces, chandeliers and lanterns illuminate your porch and front door area beautifully whether you want a rustic, nautical, modern or traditional look to the space. Wreaths look great on back doors too, so update your lighting on the patio and back door area for pleasant evenings on the back lawn or to light the way to the family entrance. With ample lighting, your guests and family members will be safer, and your wreath will be seen and appreciated.

Some of our wreaths have silvery accents that mesh well with galvanized decor including planters, trays, lanterns and carts. Wreaths with live flowers work well with any decor. We also offer small tabletop arrangements of faux and live flowers for porch tables and indoor displays. Our wreaths can be used inside as well to decorate a bedroom door, office entry and other interior doors. A soft wreath hung above the headboard in the master or guest bedroom allows the gentle fragrance to wash over you or your guest while you sleep. Place a fragrant wreath above the fireplace or sofa and use garlands on the fireplace mantel or above the dining room hutch for interior appeal. If you have lingering smells from pets or smoking in your home, a sweet-smelling live lavender or eucalyptus wreath is a lovely solution. The bathroom is another place where wreaths add impact and help curb odors.

Choose faux wreaths and trees for outdoor areas when you live in an area where excessive temperatures can damage a tender living wreath. Our live and faux wreaths coordinate with our outdoor furnishings like wicker furniture and teak items to create a front porch seating area that’s just right for visiting and relaxing with friends, family and neighbors. Add interest and lovely aromas when you hang wreaths on the porch posts, windows and walls too.

When entertaining or celebrating special occasions, use string lights to highlight your front door and wreath. Choose from nature-inspired and retro looks in specialty string lights, or use café-style globe lights around the door. Battery-operated LED lights work anywhere, even if there’s no convenient plug. Wrap your wreath, garland or potted tree in battery-powered string lights to provide a bright welcome to all who knock on your door.