Wyatt Workspaces Furniture

It’s kind of ironic that thinking outside of the box actually helps you to stay organized. Having a structured schedule is a great way to live. In fact, you’re more likely to stick with good habits if they make you happy. How can you put major excitement into your calendar? Let your creative juices flow and have some fun when designing a personal organization system. When every day is an adventure, you can’t wait to get started. At Pottery Barn, we strive to excel at matching practical with magnificent. Our Wyatt workspace is one way to infuse your daily schedule with major energy and imagination. What makes it tick?

The essence of our Wyatt workspace is being able to totally be yourself while also keeping everything you use to stay organized right at your fingertips. It tosses conventional ideas about what a workspace should be out the window. Of course, that doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with choosing a sleek desk, comfy leather office chair and bookcase for your personal planning spot. If that’s what inspires you, go for it! The important thing is for you to feel comfortable and relaxed. That way ideas and solutions just pop into your head, increasing your productivity and cutting down on the time it takes to finish tasks.

One signature piece of our Wyatt system is a wall-mounted desk that folds and unfolds depending on your needs at the moment. Right away you feel creative possibilities rushing into your brain, giving you tons of freedom to customize your personal space. If you work from home, a wall-mounted desk is a great place for a laptop. It adds a touch of creative flair to the room along with an adventurous vibe that turns you into a modern-day explorer. There are spaces inside for photographs, office supplies, sticky notes – very helpful in remembering appointments – and any decor that inspires you to greatness.

Another benefit of a wall-mounted system is its versatility. You can place your planning space in any room of the house; wherever you feel comfortable and motivated. Your bedroom, living room, office or laundry room are a few possibilities. If you live in a cozy apartment, the fact that your desk folds up when not in use gives you extra room to roam throughout the day. Shelves and wall-mounted storage pieces are great for smaller spaces because they utilize vertical area and leave flooring mostly untouched. That way you have more room for comfy lounge furniture.

Shelves, wall cubes and rolling carts handle both functional and fashionable roles. They offer a lot of storage for books, electronic accessories, documents, supplies, clipboards and containers. You can also personalize what you store depending on your specific needs. In a laundry room, for example, a rolling cart can hold detergent, stain remover, brushes and anything else you want for quick and easy washing. In a shed, use it to hold potted seedlings or often-used tools.

All of these storage pieces also make excellent places for decor. Photographs, artwork, candles, flowers and vases are just a couple of ideas to give any room a major pop of personality. How does decor help you to stay organized? For one thing, it inspires you. And bright colors and shapes also give the room a lot of visual excitement. They put a smile on your face. When you’re happy, it makes getting things done a lot easier. And after you check things off your list, it fills you with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, which in turn gives you even more motivation and energy.

When planning out your day – either the night before or in the morning – having a message board is a big help. That way you can keep track of what you want to take care of, when and in what order. Plus, you can also leave yourself encouraging notes to remind you how awesome you are. Being able to draw humorous caricatures makes you laugh and puts a lighthearted touch on life.