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How to Organize Your Clothes Without a Closet

Keeping your clothing and accessories organized without a dedicated closet space can be difficult, but it's not impossible. Since older apartment buildings and homes often have less-than-adequate closet room, many storage solutions for small spaces have been developed. Some involve new furniture or structures meant specifically for clothing storage and others creatively use your existing furniture to maximize storage potential. These space-saving solutions are sure to make your mornings easier.

Fold and Store

Having your clothes hanging in a closet is both convenient and visually appealing, but often it's just not possible. Thankfully, most clothing items, like t-shirts, sweaters and jeans, fold easily and can sit neatly in drawers or on a shelf. There are many benefits to folding instead of hanging. First, folding is a lot quicker and simpler than hanging each item onto a hanger. Second, you can fold your clothes up quite small so they don't take up much room. The downside is that it's harder to see all your clothes when they're folded, so you may need to create an organizational system so you always know where to find what you need.

Use Clothing Racks

Freestanding clothing racks are a clothing storage solution which closely resembles a traditional closet setup. These racks consist of a metal frame with one or two shelves and a rod for hanging clothing. They do not take up much floor space, making them the ideal addition to a small bedroom without a closet. However, their small size also means you likely will not be able to fit your whole wardrobe on a clothing rack. Most people will use a clothing rack to hang delicate items, like dresses, silk shirts and dress pants. A chest of drawers or a shelf is then used to hold other folded items.

Use Every Inch of Space

When you have a small space and no closet, there's not one inch of space that can be left wasted. A corner media console unit with opaque shelves can double as a spot to hide clothing and accessories, filling an empty corner in your bedroom. These types of units are great as they use the corner's depth instead of taking up lots of floor space. Another spot that's often left wasted is the space underneath your bed. Consider filling a few thin storage containers with folded clothing, then tucking them away under the bed. They'll still be easy to access but will be invisible to anyone who visits.

Hanging storage baskets and bins can also be installed on the back of your bedroom door to easily increase your storage space. Smaller pockets are perfect for storing accessories like jewelry and scarves while bigger bins can hold your socks or t-shirts. You can even install a small curtain rod on the back of the door to hang shirts, scarves or necklaces. With the door open, you won't even know the storage is there, but it will significantly increase the room's functionality.

Create a Faux Closet

Having large curtain rods installed directly onto your walls will create a space that's as close to a real closet as you can get. However, having your clothes hanging out in the open is not something most people will like. With a real closet, you just slide the doors shut. When you create a faux closet on your wall, you can emulate this with help from a room divider. Room dividers come in many colors and styles to match any bedroom style. A coordinating room divider will just look like another piece of furniture while also fulfilling a functional purpose.

Use Other Closets

Whenever possible, try to minimize the amount of clothing and accessories you need to store in the bedroom by making use of other closets instead. If you have a front hall closet, store all your shoes and jackets in there instead of keeping them in your bedroom. Most people follow this approach anyways as having your outerwear near the front door is convenient. But if you have the extra room, you can also store bags and purses in here instead of trying to find a spot for them in the bedroom.

Don't be discouraged by bedrooms without closet space - instead, get inspired! There are plenty of small space storage solutions to effectively organize everything from t-shirts and jeans to formal wear. Finding what works for your space is essential, so consider your available space carefully and choose furniture and organizers that fit well and are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.