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Hall Trees & Coat Racks

Shelving & Hooks

Keep Things Organized With Small Entryway Furniture

Whether it's just one or six of you living in a place where space is at a premium, consider investing in smart storage solutions. Entryway furniture not only helps keep things organized, but it also provides a welcoming spot to come home to.

Tidy Things Up

At Pottery Barn, you can find items that will decorate even the smallest areas. If you live in a small apartment, suite, or condo, the entryway would definitely be limited on space. Fortunately, Pottery Barn has a vast array of small entryway furniture at your disposal so you can make the most of tidying up and getting organized.

Wall Shelves

One of the best ways to make good use of a small space is to look to the walls. There are all kinds of storage options, such as floating shelves and racks that fix right to the wall, as well as shelves that do double duty by both holding and hanging. They are also perfect for displaying welcoming decor such as small house plants and picture frames, or for those pieces that don't seem to fit anywhere else.

Hang Up Your Coat

Speaking of hanging, a small coat hanger either mounted to the wall or as part of a standing coat rack will get your coats and hats off the floor and the couch. Hooks can also be combined with a bigger storage unit, such as a hanging coat tree containing a mirror and bottom shelves.

Contain Those Shoes

A great option for larger families, or for those who like to collect shoes for every day of the week, is a storage unit that doubles as a bench. When it's time to go, just grab the shoes you need, close the lid and then use as a seat to put them on. Reverse the process when you come home. The storage unit is great for keeping the shoes out of sight.

Multi Storage Units

If you have just enough room for a table, try combining it all in one. Pottery Barn offers a five-layer storage solution, complete with drawers. The top shelf is perfect for mail and keys and the bottom is tall and deep enough to hold small wicker baskets, perfect for small pairs of shoes, gloves and other outdoor necessities. Simply snug it up to the wall to maximize space.

Place a lovely decorative mirror on the wall above to make the space seem bigger. It's also great for those last-minute checks before you head out the door.

Smaller spaces don't necessarily mean lack of options. Stay organized and enhance your area with small entryway furniture from Pottery Barn. Check out our great collection of entryway or mudroom furniture to find that piece that fits, helps you stay tidy and looks great, too.