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How to Decorate a Small Space

Any space can be more lively and interesting when decorated the way you like, even when it’s on the smaller side. Whether you’re looking for storage in your kitchen, a way to display decor in your living room or fresh ideas for the bath, the most important thing to do is learn how to make use of the space you have. Often, this means making great use of your vertical space – specifically your walls. There are a few key ways to make every room pop without overcrowding it, especially when you use these storage and design ideas from us at Pottery Barn.

Eating Areas

When it comes to your kitchen and dining area, using open shelving is a great idea. Most cupboards and cabinets are wall-mounted and vertical, already maximizing the use of your storage space. It’s okay to even use a media stand or bookcase in your kitchen. Laid flat against the wall, this open area allows you to store glassware, china, tools and decorative objects. Rolling carts and cabinets are also a great idea, allowing you to seamlessly take a rolling bar from room to room.

Your Workspace

If you don't have an actual office space, but still require a space in which to do work, make great use of the corners in your home. Look for a corner desk that fits in a corner or nook, and add a simple yet comfortable chair to finish the space. Here, open shelving is another workable idea, too. Easily turn any corner or nook into a home office with ladder shelving or long, open bookshelves or bookcases. Use these to store decorative items or awards, or use them to stow office supplies and files. Look for items that pack a decorative punch but also add usefulness, such as a wall clock that comes complete with file storage, or a wall organization unit that offers hooks and shelving. This keeps your important papers and notes close and nearby when you lack a large desk, and it also keeps them uncluttered and neat.

The Bathroom

Bathrooms can be tricky because they’re the smallest room in most houses to begin with. If you have a medium- to large-sized family, you’re already aware of the extra requirements you might have when it comes to storing everyone’s towels, toiletries and belongings. Like many other rooms in the home, the best bet is to make use of your walls. Look for tall, open cabinets and shelves that reach for the ceiling but take up minimal space on your floor. If you have a little bit of DIY knowledge, you can opt for bath storage ideas such as hanging shelves or cabinets. These easy-to-install mounted shelves can vary from open shelving units with hooks (which are great for towels), to cubbyhole shelves that allow extra room for baskets that conceal toiletries and belongings. Rolling cabinets, similar to ones you’d use in your dining room’s bar area, also work well for storage.

Your Bedroom

For the bedroom, it’s a wise idea to add a mirror, as it simply makes the room look bigger. When it comes to your bedroom furniture, opt for nightstands, chests and bureaus that provide you with ample storage. This keeps the room uncluttered and tidy. A media stand is another great idea for a bedroom with a television; you can use the extra drawers and spaces for clothes and accessories rather than your DVD collection.

For any small space in the home, try decorating with light and bright colors. Using darker colors, such as navy or brown can make small spaces smaller, which you might not prefer. Choose wall art that’s bright and cheerful, and opt for rugs and window treatments that are white, off-white or beige. Even if you have a fair amount of decorative objects in a room, these lighter accents will make the room appear much larger.