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Bathroom Canisters & Accessories

When it comes to decorating, it’s the little details that seem to put the finishing touches on any room. The same holds true for the bathroom. Whether you are wrapping up a complete room transformation or simply want to refresh your space, turn the bathroom from so-so to polished with canisters or countertop accessories. From soap dispensers and toothbrush holders to vanity displays, the right accessories make a room feel complete. At Pottery Barn, our selection of bathroom accessories allows you to style your bathroom the way you want without giving up the convenience, organization or storage you need to keep things in place.

There’s no doubt about it, accessories can make or break a room. Bathroom accessories are especially important because they help you keep things organized and they are often placed front-and-center on a sink or shelf. Think about the overall theme of your bathroom, and then opt for accessories that complement your decor. For a clean, minimalist look, choose glass canisters or glass apothecary jars to hold essentials like soap, cotton balls or toothbrushes. For a sleek look, go with a more refined selection like polished steel. If cozy is your aim, a porcelain basket weave perfectly blends a sturdy design with a warm look. With a variety of choices, it isn’t hard to find the items you need to pull the room together.

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than adding a personal touch to your home. Add that flair to your bathroom with monogrammed items. Display lotions, soaps or similar items on a tray with your initials. Hide a tissue box with a fashionable cover that proudly displays your family monogram. Do your children use their own bathroom? Give them a sense of pride in their belongings with a monogrammed toothbrush holder or soap dispenser. A little personalization goes a long way in making your bathroom your own.

If you’re like many people, you might have a theme in your bathroom. Alternatively, you might have furniture and hardware that incorporates a certain look. Keep the flow going and create a cohesive appearance with the right accessories. Use a glass canister to display sea salt and shells, adding a punch to a breezy beach theme. If you use baskets to store washcloths or other knick-knacks, take that look a step farther with countertop items that have a basket weave finish. Whether it is hammered nickel or ceramic finish, find those pieces that complement the rest of your bathroom setup.

When you’re designing your bathroom, you know that function is just as important as style. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. Even canisters and wastepaper baskets can contribute to the overall look of the room. Upgrade to a wastebasket with a porcelain basket weave or a ceramic finish. A basket made of woven rattan adds rich texture to the room, while a navy blue polyresin receptacle adds a punch of color to a neutral background. Whatever your style, with our selection you don’t have to settle for subpar, even with a trash can.

While a wastebasket is essential, you need accessories that are functional beyond just holding the trash. These useful pieces can also help you stay organized and on top of things. Have a lot of jewelry hanging around? Clear up the clutter with a drawer storage set that offers divided compartments, so you have room for all your necklaces, rings and earrings. Tired of finding your hair dryer and curling iron tangled with your makeup brushes and body lotion? Keep it organized and separated with a countertop storage station. Give yourself a peaceful break and allow your guests to enjoy the bathroom sanctuary you’ve created with these accessories to keep your bathroom clear of clutter.