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Wastebaskets & Hampers

While you can’t avoid dirty laundry and items that need to be thrown away or recycled, you can make sure you have a stylish place to put them. At Pottery Barn, we offer a collection of wastebaskets and hampers that keep your unmentionables out of sight and out of mind and help you keep your bath and laundry rooms organized and clutter-free. Best of all, no matter how large or small your room is, what your style is or what you need to store away, we have a product to match.

From dirty clothes and bath linens to toilet paper and magazines, our Savannah weave wastebaskets and hampers not only get the job done, but their natural neutral colors complement any decor. Woven by hand, each product is made from seagrass, making them sustainable and as good for the environment as they are for your home. A clear lacquer enhances the natural beauty of each product. The Oval Magazine Basket is a great place to stash reading material, while our recycling bin is ideal for separating and sorting paper products, plastic bottles, glass and cans. Opt for a plain wastebasket or one that doubles as a toilet paper holder to avoid damaging your walls with unnecessary hardware. The Savannah weave hampers come with single or divided interiors, and each one comes with a liner that allows you to easily gather up your laundry and whisk it away to the washing machine.

Our handwoven Havana weave products are similar to the Savannah weave, but they are darker with rich brown and golden hues that make more of a statement in any bathroom or other space in your home. Like the Savannah products, they are made from sustainable and renewable products like rattan and abaca. Many of the same wastebaskets and hampers are available in white as well. You will also find wastebaskets made from hammered nickel, ceramic material and porcelain.

If you prefer something that is more functional than stylish, our chrome hamper with a 100 percent cotton liner is perfect for taking laundry to and from the bathroom, bedroom and the washer and dryer. It can even double as a toy or shoe bin for the garage or kids’ playroom. The hamper is 24 inches tall and 18 inches square, and it rolls smoothly on plastic casters. You can even wash the canvas liner in your washing machine when it becomes soiled. It is also available for monogramming.

In addition to our wastebaskets and hampers, you’ll find an assortment of other products that will help keep your bath and laundry rooms neat and tidy. We offer racks for your iron, ironing board and ironing accessories that hang neatly on the wall. You could even hang them inside a closet to keep them tucked away yet easy to access. We also carry a wall-mounted drying rack. Made from steel with a chrome-plated finish and walnut wood, the rack extends when you need to dry your wet laundry and folds back out of the way when you are finished. The hardware is included to make mounting the rack to the wall a breeze, and the top shelf is ideal for holding your laundry soap, spray bottles and other products.

If you love all things wall-mounted, our Gabrielle System Canvas Hanging Hamper is perfect for you. Avoid wasting precious floor space and mount our Gabrielle System peg rail in your laundry room, a bathroom, a bedroom or a hallway. Each canvas hamper can be personalized with the names your family members so that you can keep your laundry sorted and organized. Or you can simply opt to have each hamper labeled with words like “darks,” “whites” and “lingerie,” to speed up your laundry experience.