Bath Mirrors

Bath mirrors are staples of any bathroom design and add functionality as well as artful aesthetic to your space. At Pottery Barn, we offer products that are designed to make life better whether you have a large or small space. For smaller spaces, you can use mirrors to add the illusion of extra space without having to go through the expensive and time-consuming process of renovating. Mirrors reflect light, making rooms feel brighter and bigger than they are and also add exquisite style to both large and small rooms. Opt for mirrored medicine cabinets to add the light reflecting qualities of mirrors while also increasing bathroom storage in one piece.

If you have a large bathroom, opt for floor mirrors that you can use to put together the perfect outfit when getting ready for work in the morning or going out to drinks with friends in the evening. Mount the floor mirror to the wall if you share a bathroom with children or simply lean it against the wall for a casual, laid-back look in your private bathroom. Opt for a mirrored frame that surrounds a mirrored looking glass, to give an imposing presence without overwhelming your space.

Add accent mirrors to your bathroom to immediately take style to the next level. For small bathrooms, opt for one statement accent mirror that can handle several jobs while adding bold style all in one purchase. For larger spaces, mix things up by pairing contrasting mirrors for a striking look that is eye-catching. If you have a double sink console, opt for a double-wide mirror that adds functionality to both parts of the sink in one large, bold piece. For single sink consoles that are tight on space, opt for a tall mirror that increases the vertical visual and draws in extra light.

Our wall mirrors are a terrific way to highlight your bathroom design and individual design whether you are creating a contemporary space or a rustic room. For a rustic design, opt for wood-framed mirrors that mimic the look of reclaimed furniture. For contemporary designs, opt for art deco mirrors that feature geometric shapes. If you want a beach-inspired bathroom, choose wall mirrors that feature frames made of shells or one that mimics the look of the sun. Increase your storage space by choosing a wall mirror and shelf combination that adds extra shelving that is ideal for bathrooms that have limited counter space.

Accent your bath mirror with decorative art that highlights your personality and makes your bathroom extra special. Paddles, oars and seashell artwork make your beach theme nostalgic and invoke the essence of days spent down by the sun-drenched seashore. Pair rustic mirrors with live succulents for a desert inspired look or opt for cabin and nature-inspired art featuring woodsy animals and landscapes. Add inspirational sayings or bathroom-themed wall art featuring water and washing-related motifs. Opt for one bold statement piece or mix it up with several smaller works of art that can be paired for the ideal look.

Make your bathroom design cohesive by pairing mirrors and decor with your bathroom fixtures and faucets. The easiest way to create a put-together look is to choose a bathroom mirror that features the same frame materials as your drawer pulls and towel racks. Choose from polished nickel, oiled bronze and striking silver for the perfect cohesive look. For larger bathrooms, you can delineate spaces for his and her areas with bathroom mirrors and fixtures that are different for each portion of the sink console or bathroom design. Add some hooks, racks and stands to offer storage for everything from bath towels and toiletries to magazines and books.