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Types of Bath Mirrors

From shadow box and ledge to framed or frameless, bathroom mirrors come in a variety of styles. Whatever style you choose, a mirror can easily be the focal point of your bathroom. Some mirrors are designed to hang on walls, while others are made for resting on a counter or tabletop - at Pottery Barn, we've compiled more information for you about the different types of bath mirrors.

It may take some time and research to find just the right bath mirrors for your bathroom’s needs. Look for a practical pivot mirror in a range of colors, from silver to gold and black, to meet your aesthetic needs and your bathroom’s decor. With their sleek and stylish shape, pivot mirrors can accentuate a modern bathroom, and they can add a bit of life to an older bathroom, too. You can also add a touch of glamour to your bathroom with a wide beveled, framed Astor mirror, which can hang vertically, horizontally or rest on the floor.

Of all the styles of mirror, mirrored medicine cabinets are among the most popular and versatile of mirrors. They are ideal for combining storage capacity with a bright reflection. Hinged medicine cabinets have a classic look, which makes them a versatile base for a mirrored medicine cabinet. You can place a mirror over a cabinet that is set into the wall or mounted flush against it. Find a mirror based on your cabinet type, or select a mirror based on the appropriate shape. A small, round mirror does well in a compact bathroom, while a tall rectangular mirror stands out in a larger bathroom.

Medicine cabinets suit a wide range of home decor styles, from modern apartments to rustic farmhouses. Many medicine cabinets come with built-in mirrors, such as tall wooden frame mirrors, which attract attention while brightening the bathroom. A classic mirror is ideal for pull-out cabinets, as it covers the cabinet with a beautiful, bright reflective area. A classic wall-mounted design gives your bathroom a noticeable but simple update, while a recessed medicine cabinet blends seamlessly into the background. The frame that you choose can make a big difference in your mirror’s appearance. Thin lines look sleek and modern, while chunkier frames add antiquated charm.

Additionally, furniture can help you match the rest of your bathroom with your new mirror. Our consoles come in many styles, including single and double, to match the size and shape of your bathroom. A double console looks particularly stunning beneath a pair of matching vertical mirrors. A single console is ideal for showcasing a prized decorative mirror. Regardless of what kind of mirror that you get, make sure it’s centered properly above the console. Level it off and dress up the wire on hanging frame with ribbon for added allure.

Next it’s time to finish your bathroom with bath accessories. These accessories are available in various materials including rattan, nickel and woven. Rattan accessories, which are often handwoven, are nice neutral pieces that add natural texture to the bathroom. You can get one lovely decorative piece, such as a lidded box, or get a complete uniform set with a tray, a tissue box and a wastebasket. Nickel bath accessories add a sharp, sophisticated touch of flair to your bathroom. White and clear glass accessories brighten the bathroom. They also blend nicely with many colors and styles.

To finish your bathroom’s new look consider bath rugs mats. A mirror you add to your bathroom will make the space look brighter. It will also shine light on the floor, which means this is perfect time to get a fresh, new bath mat that you can proudly show off to visitors. Bath mats and rugs are available in a variety of styles and colors, including patterned rugs and solid rugs. White and glass mirrors pair nicely with bold patterned bath mats, while solid bath mats let ornate, decorative mirrors steal the show.