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Free Standing Bathroom Shelving

Bath Cabinets


Upgrade Your Space With Bathroom Storage

A well-organized bathroom requires ample storage space. Maximizing storage, no matter the size of your space, is possible thanks to the bathroom storage options available at Pottery Barn. Finding creative uses for this storage ensures that every item in your bathroom has a spot to call home. With the right storage, you can reduce countertop clutter and improve the aesthetic of your bathroom. Discover how to best incorporate these storage solutions, which include medicine cabinets and bath shelves, into your bathroom.

Freestanding Shelving

If your bathroom lacks built-in storage, choose freestanding shelving to deliver ample space to keep bath towels and toiletries always within reach. These freestanding pieces come in several styles. Consider a ladder shelf that leans against the wall and offers multiple open shelves perfect for storage. Other linen closet-inspired pieces feature cabinets and drawers, offering both open and closed storage for your bathroom essentials. Etageres fit conveniently against an open wall or tucked in a corner and offer multiple shelves for convenient storage. All of these freestanding shelves boast durable construction featuring materials like wood and metal.

Wall-Mounted Styles

Wall-mounted bathroom storage is ideal for smaller space where floor real estate is at a premium. By adding shelving to the wall, you avoid crowding the room and maximize the usage of wall space. Wall-mounted shelves feature a sturdy rattan construction and a versatile neutral finish, allowing them to coordinate with any bathroom.

Bathroom Cabinets

Medicine cabinets are another practical way to improve bathroom storage space. The exterior features a mirror, making these cabinets perfect for placement above your sink. Open the cabinet door to unveil concealed storage on several shelves. Adjustable shelves allow you to customize the interior of these cabinets to suit your storage needs. Medicine cabinets are an ideal spot to store everyday essentials that you want to keep nearby but out of sight.


Dirty laundry can clutter a bathroom and hampers make it easy to keep your bathroom floor clean and well organized. This collection of bathroom storage also includes hampers, which offer a convenient spot to store your laundry. Handwoven seagrass hampers come in several hues that coordinate with any home. Plus, these hampers include lids to keep your laundry out of sight.

Give your bathroom a makeover with bathroom storage options from Pottery Barn. Whether you're looking to clean up countertop clutter or maximize space, these bath shelves and medicine cabinets deliver the organization you need. When selecting a storage option, consider other elements of your bathroom decor, such as bathroom vanities, to select a style that coordinates with your bathroom. A better-organized bathroom is just a purchase away.