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Bathroom Wall Shelves

With bathroom wall shelves from Pottery Barn, you can turn your lavatory or master bath into one of the most comfortable spots in your house. If you just want to create a functional space for taking care of yourself, our wall shelves also make a great storage solution for all of your toiletries and bathroom accessories.

Glass and metal rack wall shelves give your bathroom a clean and sterile look, important for showing your high standards to guests. Wall shelves with cabinets and extra storage options allow you space to store all of your bath time essentials, such as bath towels and robes. Go with one consistent look or mix and match to create something unique in your home. We also have wood shelves that give your bathroom a rustic, timeless look, perfect for the man who still shaves with a straight razor.

When you purchase glass shelves from us, you receive tempered glass which is stronger than normal glass and resists breaking. Glass shelves have round corners too, making them safe as well as inviting. The structure of the shelves features a strong brass material that is plated to help resist rusting in the humid bathroom. We offer glass shelves that coordinate with a number of our design collections, giving you a uniform bathroom.

A single-tier glass shelf is perfect for placing above your toilet to keep rolls of toilet paper and potpourri, or you can place them next to the vanity for quick access to a cosmetic bag. Line up many single-tier glass shelves next to each other for a long shelf that gives your bathroom a dramatic effect. You can also choose a multi-tier shelf that holds similar countertop accessories together for easy organization.

If you want the strong look of metal in your bathroom, check out our train racks made of aluminum. Not only are train racks great for holding all of your bathroom essentials, but you can also dry bath towels quickly on them because of the many bars in between as well as the dedicated towel racks underneath. The aluminum features a protective lacquer that helps to resist rust, leaving you with a beautiful metallic finish throughout the years.

For the family bathroom, consider a wall shelf that lets you store many towels, robes, toiletries and other necessities without taking up too much space. The Newport wall cabinet made of solid birch and painted white, features dividers to create up to six cubby holes for each member of the family. If someone moves out of the house – or when another family member is added - readjust the cabinet for the total of your clan. For something even more elegant, the Matilda wall cabinet features an exposed cabinet on the bottom and a closed cabinet on top with a beveled mirror for making sure your look is just as you want it before walking out the door.

Turning your bathroom into a fancy barber shop is as easy as installing wood mirror shelves. Install one shelf lower on the wall to hold shave butters and straight razors while holding aftershave and cologne on top for the ultimate in relaxation. Monogram these shelves to turn a man’s bathroom into his own sanctuary. Of course, traditional wooden shelves also do the trick, and they come painted in a material that helps resist moisture, allowing for less maintenance over the years.

To take all of the guesswork out of your bathroom wall shelf needs, go with the Gabriella laundry set. This kit comes with racks for towels and clothes, pegs to hold robes and cabinets for all of your bathroom essentials. You can even get a canvas hamper that comes monogrammed for your own personal bathroom.