Indulge in Gorgeous Bathroom Ceiling Lights

Find the perfect finishing touch with bathroom ceiling lights made to match your upscale decor. These flush-mount lights offer a simple way to pull all the details together in your master bath or other bathroom. Shop an array of choices, including metal finishes, high-quality glass and chandelier or other fine-design shapes.

What Are Flush-Mounted Lights?

A flush-mounted light is a light fixture that you mount flush or directly to the ceiling. In the case of these bathroom ceiling lights, the light is hardwired into the ceiling and controlled with a switch that you place near the door or another convenient wall location.

Many flush-mounted lights are dome and half-dome shaped, but they don't have to be. You can also shop semi-flush mounted bathroom lighting, which includes various silhouettes that hang just a touch lower than the ceiling--a few inches at most. Anything lower is considered a pendant light.

  • Chandelier ceiling lights are often flush-mounted because the design gives you more space to enjoy the dripping jewels of your chandelier. This is a beautiful way to get dramatic bathroom ceiling lights without needing a ton of height.
  • Globe lights offer a semi-flush mounted design so that you can incorporate the industrial craft style into your bathroom easily. These clear glass globes call attention to their refined geometry or an Edison bulb inside.
  • Candelabras include LED or bulbed lights that look like candles with stems and an uplight that has its base in a lantern or hurricane-style glass.

Make The Whole Bathroom Feel Special

Selecting one of these decorative bathroom lights makes the whole room feel special. Match, complement and coordinate all the details to ensure a cohesive look.

  • Pair your lighting choices with your hardware for harmonious style.
  • Choose a hamper that corresponds with your choice. For example, dark wicker hampers and oil-rubbed bronze lights look great together.
  • Add countertop accessories in the same finish or a complementary style. Globe lights and clear apothecary jars are another appealing combination.
  • Lay a rug to help the room feel warm and welcoming. Bathroom rugs can create a spa-like experience with carefully chosen bathroom lighting.

Where To Place Your Bathroom Lighting

How you place your lighting determines the overall ambiance in the bathroom. Most homes include lights over the mirror and medicine cabinet. These are usually a Hollywood or other sconce style or built into the mirror. For a flush-mount light, look to the middle of the ceiling or, if placing two, split the difference by putting each in the middle of each half of the room.