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Bathroom Flushmount Lighting

Bring life and light into your home with bathroom flushmount lighting from Pottery Barn. From the dramatic to the debonaire, we have an incredible collection of permanent fixtures that blend effortlessly into even the most inventive and creative decor themes. Crafted for durability and longevity, all of our bathroom lighting solutions are UL-listed or damp UL-listed to ensure maximum safety, making them trustworthy and reliable over time. Unlike pendants, flush mounts take up very little space, so they’re perfect for small bathrooms with low ceilings. Shop for your favorite flushmount now and discover the difference high-quality lighting makes to your morning routine through nighttime needs.

When designing your bathroom, look for products that help you to relax and unwind or recharge before you head out each day. For soft, diffused brightness that fills all areas in your bathroom with muted light, select a flushmounts with a frosted shade. This type of shade casts a gentle light that’s less jarring in the middle of the night or early morning hours. Available in colors like pastel rose, pure white and soft yellow, frosted flushmounts cut down on glare and reduce harsh shadows, too, encouraging relaxation and contemplative moments. Despite filtering the light, each milky-colored glass is subtly reflective, casting the bulb’s bean multidirectionally for better overall room coverage. For best results, install a frosted shade flushmount directly in the center of the room or in an area that isn’t impeded by walls, curtains or cupboard doors.

Prefer to draw in a touch of antique or classic style? Choose from a variety of mid-century flushmounts designed with simplicity in mind. Spherical glass globes hold filament bulbs securely in place, allowing as much light as possible to shine through. These unique vintage flushmounts carry a feeling of country-inspired charm, drawing inspiration from Victorian times and all things early electricity. This beautifully simple and charming look blends well in almost any decor style or theme, but you can step things up a notch and take it high-society style instead if desired. Try a rich and opulent burnished nickel or brass candle-style flushmount with a glass shade. These fixtures look just like antique candle lamps from a distance, but require no open flame; instead of a candle, each socket holds a single filament bulb. Take the look even further by selecting an antiqued mercury glass shade instead of clear; this glittering finish looks especially rich and opulent.

Whichever style of light you choose, be sure to pay attention to the shape of the glass shade itself. Smooth, even surfaces pass light through instantly, while sculpted or mottled surfaces bounce light around and appear to glitter as you move around the room. Ribbed surfaces mute light even further. Conversely, crystal-cut surfaces multiply light, bouncing it around inside and outside of the shade and around the bathroom.

Creating a bathroom fit for a princess or queen? Delicate crystal chandeliers complement feminine bathrooms beautifully. Other chandelier options include sculpted blossoms and cut glass or crystal shades. Capiz shell petal fixtures are especially beautiful, filtering light through hundreds of translucent, shimmering petals edged in silvery-grey metal. Install them alongside ocean, seaside or cottage-themed decor for the ultimate in cohesive, resort-style ambience. A vase full of fresh white flowers placed nearby or a dish with a few seashells takes your relaxing bathroom to a whole new level.

Building the ultimate bachelor pad? We can help with strong, masculine lighting options that suit your personality and sense of style. Look for uncomplicated, time-tested designs: simple and stately does it best. Try a simple, circular linen flushmount in crisp white or basic black, or choose a classic flushmount with an oil-rubbed finish instead. Pair with antique furnishings and towels in dark colors like rich wine red, navy blue and burnished brown to achieve cohesion for this look.