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How to Choose a Bathroom Vanity

From old-fashioned and vintage to rustic or modern, bathroom vanities come in many forms. Depending on the size of your bathroom and your storage needs, choose a single or double bathroom vanity or have one custom-made instead. Before settling on a size and color, take measurements of the bathroom to make sure there is enough room for door openings, including the shower and trim. Additionally, take into consideration the existing features, such as mirrors, outlets and switches, to plan a good location for the vanity.

At Pottery Barn, our single-sink consoles cater to people who don’t need extra storage and whose bathrooms are on the smaller size. Single-sink consoles are vanities that have just one sink, which is centered in the middle of the piece or off to the side. These vanities come in many colors and styles, such as white, wood and metal. Most vanities are freestanding but some are wall-mounted units, which generally take up less space. Taller vanities are ideal for adults while families with children may want to get a shorter vanity.

For larger bathrooms, or if you need more storage space, our double-sink consoles are a good option. Double-sink consoles have more storage space than single vanities and they have two sinks per set instead of one. Double vanities are chosen by couples and for households where multiple people share a bathroom. Wide double vanities have a fair amount of countertop space between the two sinks, which is ideal for decorating with a candle or vase or simply storing toiletries. Some double vanities feature a tall cabinet that divides the sinks and provides storage, which creates privacy.

For apartment bathrooms, small space sink consoles are popular. These vanities are generally narrower than larger vanities, and they have less counter space and storage space. Many vanities designed for small spaces are floor-based, and they leave plenty of additional room against the wall for adding other accessories like a wastebasket, a hook for hanging towels and even a decorative potted plant or tree. Some small vanities are specially designed to fit into the corner of a bathroom. These types of vanities may need to be custom-ordered as they have very specific measurement requirements.

In addition to fitting correctly into the corner of a bathroom, a custom sink console helps homeowners ensure their vanities fit the proportions of their bathroom correctly. Custom vanities come as single or double vanities. Choose a cabinet-style vanity, which is the most traditional variety or accentuate the classic look of a bathroom in an older home with a pretty pedestal vanity. Custom vanities feature many choices for colors and materials, such as wood or metal. A custom vanity presents the freedom to choose a preferred countertop material too, such as glass, natural stone, marble and more.

Wall-mounted storage, such as medicine cabinets, save space and keep the basics within easy reach. Medicine cabinets pair well with a wall-mounted sink, which gives bathrooms a streamlined look and saves space. Wall-mounted sinks, however, may be less durable than floor-mounted vanities, and they are more likely to be damaged by the force of impacts. Wall-mounted sinks attach to the bathroom wall with special hanger brackets. In addition to providing storage space, they cover up otherwise exposed plumbing lines and supply lines.

If a vanity is just a start for your organizational needs, visit our bath storage collection. Here, you’ll find an array of storage options, including linen closets, floor storage containers and even storage stools, which have the dual purpose of providing a seating area and storing bathroom essentials like bath towels and washcloths. Store accessories, such as vanities, can be placed on the floor or attached to the wall.