Redesign Your Space with Double Vanities for the Bathroom

Your vanity is the main focus in your bathroom. Whether you're designing a master bathroom suite that'll look and feel like it's right out of the pages of your favorite design magazine or you're simply trying to modernize an old space, double vanities are here to help.

Use this guide to learn more about double vanities and how they can be a big part of your room re-do or building project.

Why Choose Double Vanities?

One sink must be better than two, right? While more is often more, there are a few other essential reasons you should be looking at double vanities for your space. Here are a few of the top reasons they're a go-to choice for designers and homeowners.

  • They give partners separate sinks and storage areas. If you share your bathroom with a partner or spouse, having your own sink can feel like a personal oasis. Double vanity styles also have more storage space so you can cut down on clutter at the same time.
  • You'll get more shelving and drawers. A large vanity can help you make sure everything in the bathroom has a space from your deodorant to your once-in-a-while bubble bath. Large vanity styles often feature space for folded towels and bathroom essentials.
  • Large vanities make more sense in big bathrooms. In most modern homes, the master bathroom takes up some serious square footage. Pair your beautiful bathtub, stylish shower and modern fixtures with a luxurious vanity that looks right from the start.

Double Vanity Styles

Not quite sure what kind of vanity you need for your bathroom? We've got you covered. Here are a few popular styles you can shop for today at Pottery Barn.

  • Natural wood styles. Add classic natural wood to your home in a look that's modern, transitional or more traditional. Pick between finishes like light oak, cherry, dark-stained wood and much more.
  • Neutral white vanities. Bring form to your bathroom without adding new colors and styles that won't work with your existing decor. Add a white vanity and let your favorite accessories shine.
  • Open vanities. Great for modern and smaller bathrooms, open vanities can give you two sinks and under-sink storage. Look for metal styles for ultra-modern and vintage-inspired designs or more familiar wood looks for eclectic spaces.
  • Double vanity styles with extra storage. Need a little bit more storage for everything in your bathroom than a standard vanity can provide? Go for bathroom vanities that feature a hutch or extra storage space for towels, robes and more.

Redefine your bathroom with a gorgeous, functional double vanity from Pottery Barn. Build your bathroom your way or breathe new life to your space without a total teardown by browsing all of our vanity styles today.