Shop Single Sink Vanities at Pottery Barn

Take a step into any bathroom and the first thing you'll likely see is the vanity. In most spaces, the vanity dominates the decor and helps set the tone for the whole room. This can be a good thing if you choose a stylish, functional vanity for your bathroom.cYou don't need an oversized option to create a good look space, either.

Use this guide to learn more about single sink vanities from Pottery Barn. With the right vanity, you can turn any size bathroom into a true work of art.

What Bathroom Vanities Can I Buy?

Choosing a bathroom vanity can feel a little confusing with so many different options available to you. At Pottery Barn, we've got tons of styles that will work in your home whether you're building a new bathroom or working with existing faucets, fixtures and hardware. Here are a few of the most popular vanity styles you can shop for:

  • Small single sink vanities. Got a small bathroom that still needs a functional sink and a little bit of storage? Go for a small single sink option instead of a pedestal style. Look for neutral colors and classic white to avoid taking up too much visual real estate in your undersized bathroom.
  • Large single sink vanities. Double sink vanities can add serious style to a big bathroom, but they're not your only option. In fact, you can get more storage and countertop space by choosing a larger single sink option if you don't need both sinks. Look for models with tons of storage and decorative details like Carrara marble tops to make a design statement.
  • Open vanity styles. Perfect for more modern bathrooms, open vanity styles give you lots of space for folded towels or storage in bins and baskets. They're also helpful for rooms already utilizing lots of design features and colors since they tend to blend in a bit better with your existing decor.
  • Storage vanities. Looking to add a ton of storage to your bathroom for towels, cosmetics and more? Maybe you've got a shared bathroom space that a few people need to use comfortably? Look for a vanity that offers a combination of big and small drawers to give you the storage you need. With storage vanities, you can give everyone their section and still have plenty of room left over for shared items like vanity-top mirrors and bathroom accessories.

Make your bathroom a truly special space to spend time with a wide range of vanities from Pottery Barn. You can also find must-have essentials like faucets and fixtures, bathroom storage, shower curtains and more.