Small Bathroom Vanities for Every Size Space

Create a beautiful sink area with small bathroom vanities. These compact stands hold a standard size sink and offer lots of storage, thanks to careful design and high-quality construction. The footprint is a lot narrower than most vanities, though, so you can squeeze it into a smaller area or allow yourself more floor space. Great for apartments, second bathrooms or powder rooms, these bathroom vanities combine the style and purpose you expect from Pottery Barn.

Planning A Compact Bathroom

Planning a smaller bathroom lets you flex your interior decor skills. Discover how a well-designed vanity frees up space for you, your family or guests.

  • A smaller space works best with a single sink vanity. Save the double sinks for the master suite or main bathroom.
  • Figure out the best combination of cabinets or shelf space for you. Cabinet doors help a compact bathroom look clean and organized, but an open shelf can make grabbing towels or displaying decor convenient.
  • Choose lighter colors to help create the appearance of more space. White, pale grays or cool silver tones give the room an expansive feel.
  • Add more personalized touches at the hardware or faucetry. While your vanity comes with pulls or knobs, you can use this easy detail as a way to change the look as time goes on.

Selecting New Furnishings for Powder Rooms

Go for a new vanity every time to make a powder room feel fresh. While there are lots of simple cosmetic changes, like paint or hardware, to update a space in no time, taking a few hours to install a new vanity transforms your change from upgrade to full-on remodel without any major investments.

  • When choosing small bathroom vanities, you may need a storage tower. Pick a slim shelving unit or floating shelves to keep the floor clear.
  • Adorn the floor with a new rug. This is another quick fix that makes perfect sense. Once you have a new vanity, the new rug is an obvious complement.
  • If you have space, a floor vase lets you add greenery to a room that gets plenty of humidity for plants.

Choosing The Right Mirror

Bathroom vanities nearly always have a mirror mounted over them.

  • Some people choose to install a recessed mirrored cabinet for additional storage. This is a neat idea for a smaller vanity because you still have the formulas you need for your daily routines close by.
  • Complement the compact rectangular profile of your small sink with a round mirror for visual interest.
  • In a minimalist room, a flat, wall-mounted mirror keeps the focus on your beautiful vanity.

Depending on your personal needs, you may want to design a custom bathroom vanity. These sinks and stands can remain compact, but offer you the storage and colorways you most desire.