Medicine Cabinets

Increase the storage and functionality of your bathroom with medicine cabinets that add style and reflect light in your bathroom. At Pottery Barn, we offer a wide range of wall mounted and recessed medicine cabinets to fit your space. Recessed medicine cabinets are a terrific choice if you have a small bathroom as they maximize space, and the built-in mirrors reflect light, making the space feel larger. Our medicine cabinets are available in classic and traditional or sleek and modern styles and provide storage solutions without compromising style. Pick from various metal or solid wood finishes to suit your style and complement your other bathroom furniture pieces.

For larger spaces, you can opt for two separate medicine cabinets to mount above double sink consoles for individualized space that makes getting ready in the morning with your partner or roommate a breeze. Opt for a medicine cabinet that is fit for an upscale hotel with features including tempered glass shelves and a beveled mirror. Select rounded or square metal frames in your choice of chrome, polished or satin nickel, brass or antique bronze for the look you want. You can even create a rustic style with solid pine medicine cabinets that mimic the look of reclaimed furniture and add warmth and lasting beauty for years to come.

Opt for a medicine cabinet with exposed shelving on the side so you can store countertop accessories and free up space on the sink console countertop. If you chose a rustic cabinet, opt for marble and wooden countertop canisters to build up the natural theme. Opt for glass or mirrored countertop canisters for a contemporary look that is luxurious and sophisticated. Mix and match small and large canisters to store everything from toothbrushes and toothpaste to tissue and large styling products.

Use the medicine cabinet shelves to store cosmetic bags and totes out of sight and keep everything neat and organized. Our cosmetic bag collection is available in fold-over bags and lie-flat organizers to keep everything from toiletries to jewelry stored neatly where you can find it. Choose a medicine cabinet that features the right amount of shelves to store all of your essentials whether you want two shelves for tall storage or four shelves for smaller items. Add hooks to the side of your wall-mounted medicine cabinet to display hanging toiletry bags for added storage. Available in bright hues and bold patterns, you can match your cosmetic bag to bath linens in the same style as your medicine cabinet to create cohesive contemporary or rustic themes.

Build a seashore-inspired bathroom with towels featuring seashells and corals and pair them with medicine cabinets and mirrors featuring mosaic or seashell designs. For a rustic look, opt for jewel-toned towels and pair with medicine cabinets featuring exposed nailheads and metal buttons to mimic the look of a cabin in the woods.

Illuminate your bathroom with a backlit medicine cabinet or add sconces to medicine cabinets to increase the lighting right where you need it. Sconces are particularly useful in bathrooms as the direct light horizontally so they do not create shadows and distortions that are typical of ceiling lights. Direct lighting makes it easier to apply makeup colors properly and to style your hair. Pair your sconces with your medicine cabinet by choosing the same metal or glass construction for a cohesive look. Our sconces are available in tube, flared and rounded styles to create the lines and dimensions you prefer. Add one sconce on each side of your medicine cabinet for a paired look or place one directly over the cabinet to illuminate smaller spaces without taking up much wall space.