Wrap Up in Warmth

Bath terry cloth robe & Slippers

After drying off with a plush, soft bath towel, your bath robe and slippers are a source of comfort for you either as you prepare for a long working day ahead or as you wind down for the night after a hot shower. Bath terry cloth robe and slippers are a pair that quite literally makes you feel warm and fuzzy.

Admittedly, purchasing bath terry cloth robe and slippers online might seem a little tricky since doing so takes away your ability to touch the items and thus get a sense of how they feel when you wear them. This is not much of an issue here, however, with the advice we’ve compiled to help you feel as though we’ve brought the store selections right to your home. Pottery Barn offers a selection of bath terry cloth robe in a variety of designs and styles with brushed polyester, cotton or microfiber as their primary fabric. The bath slippers on the other hand, also have a brushed polyester fabric on its surface for a comfortable and fuzzy texture for the feet.

As with most types of bath linens, cotton is the best way to go if you are looking for a comfortable bath robe that is also absorbent. A bath robe with a fabric weight of around 250 to 350 should be absorbent enough since you likely have toweled off as you stepped out of the shower. However, if you are looking for a plushier and more comfortable bath robe, there are also terry cloth robe with a fabric weight of more than 400 grams. You should keep in mind, however, that the type of fabric also affects the ability of the robe to absorb water. Think cotton is plushier and absorbs more water, while polyester and microfiber dries faster and are lighter.

You also have the option of purchasing bath terry cloth robe that you use according to the season. Use the lighter polyester types for the warmer months and then bring out the heavier velour bath terry cloth robe once the colder months set in. There are also bath terry cloth robe and slippers with designs that are more suitable during the colder months. terry cloth robe and slippers with faux fur trims provide extra warmth that goes right along with the extra fluffiness. Spa-inspired bathrobes, on the other hand, have a lighter and smoother fabric, which feels cool next to the skin. This makes them a good choice during the summer months. If you prefer to minimize your carbon footprint organic bath terry cloth robe are also available.

Just like those huge beach towels you love to use by the pool or oceanside, your robe should be large enough to wrap fully around you and give you ample coverage. With this in mind, choosing a bath robe that is the right size becomes very important. The sizes of our terry cloth robe, while categorized in sizes small, medium, large and extra large, come with a comprehensive detail and sizing guide. Based on these descriptions, pick the size that you believe fits you comfortably.

Turning to style, make sure that you examine the features of your desired robe closely, especially with details such as the collar, pipe trimmings, pockets and length. Understand too that some bath robe designs such as those with sculpted fabric and faux Sherpa surface feel textured next to the skin.

As for your bathroom slippers and booties, the sizes match women’s shoe sizes, with small for women who wear from sizes 6-7, medium for women sizes 8-9 and large for sizes 10-11. As with our towels and bath rugs and mats, monogramming is also available for your new bath terry cloth robe. For your own personalized bathroom or as a gift to someone special, choose a matching set of bathroom decor that goes right along with your new robe and slippers.