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Blankets and Throws

Blankets and throws are a staple in every household. The right one can be absolute heaven, while the wrong one is just a waste of money. We live in a world full of options, and there's a lot more to consider aside from what color you want your blanket or throw to be. Below are some tips to keep you on track and help you make the right choice for your needs. Are you looking for a blanket that has extra warmth or a lightweight linen throw for chilly summer nights? Everyone's body temperature is different, and the weather has a huge factor on what you'll need and when. No need to settle, there's an endless amount of options.

An electric blanket is a staple if your region suffers cold winters and your previous bedspreads aren't doing the job. If you're looking for warmth without the weight, try a Vellux or microfiber option. It's the perfect addition to every room in the house and is always great to have an extra on hand for guests. It's ideal to purchase an electric blanket or throw that gives the option to adjust the temperature. This way you control the amount of warmth and, as the weather changes, remain at your desired temperature. Many have timers that automatically turn off - always a smart option to consider while narrowing down your options.

Egyptian cotton is the luxury fabric of choice and is worth the investment. If you're looking for something that will breathe, you can't go wrong with a cotton weave throw. Always consider any allergies when buying a blanket, but the rest of your decision is solely personal preference.

If the goal for your throw is to be decorative, go crazy with different patterns, sizes, and loud colors. You can liven up a room with the right blanket or throw, and there's no commitment. Try a bold stripe or a saucy faux fur to add personality in a drab room with mundane colors and flat textures. Throws also do an excellent job in accenting a boring chair. Overall, adding a blanket or throw to your space is the fastest and easiest way to transform a room.

If you're going for comfort, a solid color never goes out of style. There's no risk here when you decide to redecorate in the future. A solid blanket can also help tone down anything furniture in your space that feels unnecessarily vibrant. On the flip side, the right choice can also make any color pop out of a multi-colored bedspread. For example, if you have a quilt with a conservative brown trim, add a brown blanket with it, and it suddenly becomes more visible.