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Hotel Bedding

Hotel Bedding Shop

Transform your bed into a relaxing oasis conducive to an amazing night of slumber with pieces from the Hotel Bedding Shop Collection we have at Pottery Barn. Designed to simulate a night at your favorite luxury resort, this charming collection boasts elegant designs and soft, high-quality fabrics. Mix and match so that you add only the pieces that you need to complete your vision for your bedroom. Give your bed a complete overhaul with a coordinating duvet cover, sheet set and pillow shams. Donʼt forget to grab a few plush pillow inserts to ensure your shams are plump and full as they adorn your bed.

Thanks to the simplicity of a new duvet cover from the hotel bedding collection, it is easy to give your bedroom a fresh look. Just pop your comforter or duvet insert into the cover and attach the hidden interior tires to hold it firmly in place. Then, close the hidden button closure to conceal your comforter or insert completely. A sham that incorporates an envelope closure into its design makes it a breeze to quickly insert your pillows or inserts. Once positioned on your bed, the closure remains hidden from sight so that it does not detract from your bedʼs decor.

To maximize the lifespan of your new sheets, invest in products made from cotton percale. Cotton percale utilizes a thicker weave than other bedding options so that it looks its best, even after extended usage. Bedding that uses 400-thread count cotton is silky to the touch and remains at a comfortable temperature throughout the entire night. Items labeled as machine wash only make laundering a breeze when laundry day rolls around or the inevitable mess occurs.

You have a few terrific options when it comes to the border style of your bedding. One fashion contains a border that consists of lush satin pearls that are embroidered on the sheets while another style features a flat piping that yields a sleek, contemporary look. For a more dramatic touch of color, elect for a bedding set that incorporates thicker piping into its design. A plethora of different color selections for the border of your bedding lets you coordinate the pieces to your existing room decor. Bold, solid hues and tranquil, muted colors are just a few of the possibilities.

If you prefer to furnish your home using pieces that are environmentally friendly, look for items labeled with the Oeko-Tex® certification. The Oeko-Tex designation indicates that all of the items used in the manufacturing process are free of chemicals that might be harmful to your skin. Another possibility is to select sheets and blankets that are woven completely from organic cotton. During the growing process, the cotton crop remains free of toxic fertilizers and synthetic pesticides. Make sure that your bedding helps those who make it by choosing items with the Fair Trade certification. This seal means that facilities that make the bedding are dedicated to bettering the lives of the workers and their community.

Customize the look of your bedding further by having one or all of the pieces monogrammed with your initials or name. Monograms are a terrific way to quickly tell what bedding is supposed to go in each room. You can even select the thread for your monogram so that it matches the border of your bedding. Integrate more color into your bed set with the inclusion of a cozy blanket. This soft blanket comes in multiple sizes so that it fits the length of your bed perfectly. On cool nights, layer the blanket on top of your bedding for an extra layer of warmth. In the meantime, fold it neatly at the end of your bed to lend additional contrast to your bedʼs attire.