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Mattress Pads & Toppers

Mattress pads can be just what you need to make a dream even sweeter. While you can never have too much comfort, the options are endless. From memory foam pads to a foam mattress topper, there's no reason why you shouldn't be getting an amazing night's sleep. Here are some guidelines to help you find the perfect pad for your mattress - to give you the ultimate rest needed so you can wake up on the right side of the bed.


Avoid the mistake of finding a great memory foam pad that doesn't fit your mattress. Know if you're rocking a twin, twin XL, full, queen, king or California King size mattress. The last thing you want is restless sleep because your mattress feels bulky. It can also slide around on your bed if it's not the proper fit. Get your mattress size right and the rest is icing on the cake.


Do you have an old bed that you're trying to work with or a brand new mattress that needs an extra pad? Different mattresses need pads that vary in levels of thickness. Memory foam adjusts to your body's position, while pillow-top pads provide an overall cushion.


Based on your personal comfort level, there are several types of materials: bamboo, microfiber, feather, goose, microplush and memory foam to name a few. Consider your body's temperature. Are you looking for warmer or do you get hot at night and want something to cool you down? Do you or your children have allergies to take into account? When you make a decision for the material of your mattress topper, it's ideal to purchase a pillow with similar material and consistency. Therefore, if you have a memory foam pad, keep it going and get a memory foam pillow.


When you purchase a mattress and foam topper, you'll want to protect your investment with a cover. There are three things to consider with mattress covers.

1) Allergies. If you're sensitive to a particular fiber, there are plenty of hypoallergenic options for a pillowtop. For a place to start, Croscill makes an excellent quality mattress cover.

2) Does your child wet the bed? Not to worry. There are plenty of waterproof covers that will protect your foam mattress. They're machine washable, so easy to clean.

3) Your mattress topper provides a cushion, and its cover blends with your sheets to give the right touch. Do you like a luxurious Egyptian cotton? Would you like to add additional support with a pillow top cover?

As you make your final choice for a mattress topper, remember that there's the perfect amount of cushion out there for your needs, so don't settle.