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All Flatware

The key to a polished tabletop is having the right flatware. While your forks, knives and spoons might be one of the final items you consider when setting the table for guests, the right flatware pulls together a table setting and sets the tone for a dinner party. At Pottery Barn, our selection of flatware varies from modern to luxurious, with complete sets to stock your drawers or signature serving pieces to present your favorite dishes. Have a standard set you turn to every day, and keep special serveware on hand for holiday meals or dinner guests. After choosing your flatware, the only thing left for you to decide is what’s for dinner.

When you select your flatware you want a set that expresses your tastes or adds a bit of polish to a table setting. Wow a dinner party with heirloom-inspired pieces that look like you pulled them out of your family’s antique chest, all polished to a glittering glow. If you prefer a more classic look, find styles that blend seamlessly with a contemporary or traditional dinner set. Beaded utensils add a bit of glamour to a simple table setting, while a brushed gold set enhances a high standard of sophistication. Choose flatware that serves your dining purposes as well as complements your dinnerware and tableware.

Whether you’re serving to a large dinner party or an intimate dinner for two, you likely put a lot of care and effort into your main dish. Serve your special meal with a serving set that provides the finishing touches to your culinary handiwork. Use a versatile set like one made with natural wood or brass for a variety of kitchen needs, or switch to a set with hand-forged detailing for crisp and interesting serveware. Don’t overlook the importance of a serving set that matches your dining utensils; offering a cohesive look keeps the table looking polished and pleasing.

Sometimes, all you need are a few signature pieces to complete your dining table presentation. Transform an ordinary cheese display into the standout centerpiece of the appetizer table simply by adding some wood and copper cheese knives. If you prefer something with a little more flair, try slicing up the cheese with burnished gold knives instead. Up the ante at your next dinner party with a horn and wood serving set, or use an antler-inspired fork and spoon for a rustic look. Whether the occasion is formal or casual, a few standout pieces help pull your party together.

If your kitchen has a theme or you follow a definitive design scheme, it helps to have accessories and elements that incorporate your overall feel. Flatware is no exception to this rule. Embrace your nautical beach house look with a rope serving set that you’ll use all summer long. Add a pop of pink to a kitchen that shows your love for color, with place settings that feature a bright handle. If your home has a feel of regal luxury, incorporate that royal look with flatware that is embossed with tiny crowns. From staple pieces to special sets, our range of flatware provides the look you want to complement your home.

While flatware is helpful in your own kitchen, it also makes a great gift. Help a couple start their marriage off with a sophisticated flatware set, or offer a birthday gift that is truly memorable. Next time you attend a housewarming party, consider moving beyond a potted plant or bottle of wine. Offer a flatware set that is suited to the receiver’s tastes and needs and will be useful all year long – and for many years to come.