Soup & Cereal Bowls

From serving steaming soup to enjoying cereal in the morning, finding the right type of bowl can have a positive impact on any light dining experience. Some soup and cereal bowls serve both purposes, making them versatile enough for busy family households. For those who like to host formal dinners, knowing the differences between each bowl is a plus. For example, low bowls are intended for French onion soup, while higher cream bowls are great for light soup servings of all kinds. As each type of bowl comes with different patterns and styles, finding one that matches your tastes is easy. To ensure each bowl is served with some matching companions, try Pottery Barn’s appetizer and dessert plates and an assortment of chargers, too. As they’re designed to sit under hot bowls, these plates reduce the risk of burns when making the journey from the kitchen to the table.

When it comes to serving soup formally, a soup plate is ideal. As a wide shallow bowl with a fingered rim, these plates are great for simulating a restaurant-like atmosphere at home. Thanks to their size, they’re excellent for entrée-sized portions. For those who are making hors d’oeuvres to accompany their entrées, serving platters are a necessity. With a range of colors and designs, it’s easy to find one that matches well with your bowls of choice.

Depending on the type of soup and the time of year, some are hot and some are cold. For those who are seeking a material that’s good for maintaining both types, ceramic is a winner. From hot tomato soups when autumn falls to cold pea and mint while the sun is blazing, ceramic bowls prove useful throughout the year. Because of their temperature balancing nature, they’re great for serving ice cream and cold desserts alike. Those who like to put some thought into their presentation may want to try the range of napkins available. From flax linen to embroidered, there’s one for every occasion.

When it comes to finding a material that’s durable, stoneware is difficult to beat. Thanks to its ability to withstand high temperatures, it’s great for reheating dishes in the microwave. It’s this same durability that makes stoneware great for heavy scrubbing and washing in the dishwasher, making them convenient for busy homes as well. Choosing bowls that are practical doesn’t have to mean forgoing aesthetic benefits, as each comes with an attractive design. For those who are looking to refresh all their dinnerware, dinnerware sets are also available.

Vibrant bowls have the potential to brighten up any morning. Thanks to their bright nature, they can double up as snack bowls, too. Whether they’re holding peanuts, candies or chips, such bowls are great for giving snacks to unannounced guests without having to worry about lacking on the presentation front. In addition, they make great informal snack bowls at parties. To vary the way snacks are presented, try our trays and stands collection. From tiered stands for cakes to large platters for meats, there’s a serving solution for practically every party need.

Outdoor parties are always enticing, especially during the summer. Whether it’s a barbecue or a family gathering, there’s always a worry that china and porcelain will get broken. With acrylic bowls, it’s possible to enjoy cereal outside on the porch, soup on the terrace and pasta in a garden without worrying about breakages, as acrylic is durable and less likely to chip. To complete the outdoor dining set, there’s a range of outdoor drinkware available. Thanks to the variety in terms of shapes and colors, creating a set that matches is easy.