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Six unexpected uses for cake stands

Decorating with cake stands

At Pottery Barn we love our treats, and cake stands help to serve them up with style. Single and tiered stands look lovely on any table or countertop, and domed covers keep the sweets fresh long after the eating is over. Cake stands come in many different styles and materials. They can be made from classic polishes like marble, rustic galvanized iron, whitewashed mango wood, and vintage silver finish. Use tiered cake stands to display cakes, donuts, cookies, brownies, and cupcakes elegantly and with panache on your tabletop.

When serving your mouth-watering treats, you may want a cake stand coffee station nearby. Put your steamy mugs on level one, and your sugar, milk, cream, and flavorings above.

To complete the dreamy dessert corner, go for a cottage-like display of colorful, bushy flowers nestled into a three-tiered cake stand. At Thanksgiving, do the same with pumpkins, leaves, berries, nuts, and toasty, warm fall foliage.

Unconventional uses for cake stands

Cake stands are not just for cake and dessert courses. Here are six creative ways to use cake stands all over your home that are easy, fun, personal, and full of flair.

  1. Three-dimensional food bar
  2. Who needs a professional caterer when you can create vertical food extravaganzas? Wow your family, friends, and guests with your snack and mealtime treats. Use a selection of bowls to show off your yummy wares. Bring out your stands and fill them with these splendid foods:

    • Antipasto. Decorate the top plate with a pillar candle and cranberries. Put cheese hunks with toothpicks in the middle, and olives, crudites, smoked salmon or prosciutto below.
    • Soup Mountain. Fill small cups with hearty, steaming hot soup: French onion, minestrone, hot or cold gazpacho.
    • Dried Fruit and Nut Fiesta. Roasted walnuts, pistachios, almonds, and macadamias look great tiered up with apricots, dates, raisins, and figs for the ultimate snack castle.
    • Grapes. Cut green, red, and purple grapes into little bite-sized clusters and serve.
  3. Forget-me-not in the foyer
  4. We all need a safe place to stash our keys so we don't lose or forget them. Why not create a beautiful display that solves the problem? Stack three cake stands with small, lovely dishes that can hold your keys, loose change, lipstick, sunglasses, hand cream, mints, cough drops, and anything else you might need when you're entering or leaving your home.

  5. Spice up your spices
  6. Bored with your ordinary spice racks? Create a spice sculpture in your kitchen with a vertical spice station. Throw any expired spices (it's a good idea to check the sell-by dates!), and replace these with new spices or pretty, empty jars to fill with your favorite cooking spices. Decorate your plates with gold and silver foil and you'll have a festive spice area.

  7. Jewelry kingdom
  8. Jewelry provides extra shine and texture when displayed, so why should we keep it hidden away in a box? Build a three-level jewelry storage space in your bedroom and display your jewels proudly. Find that perfect ornament for your outfit in an instant! Mix and match dish sizes for contrast: small round bowls for rings, rectangular dishes for bracelets and watches, square for earrings. Hang hooks on the side for your necklaces.

  9. Candle illumination
  10. What's more lovely than a soft, glowing centerpiece flickering with candlelight? Instead of flower in the table center, build a tiered candelabra with tiny tea lights on the bottom, votives in the center, and proud pillars at the top. For extra ambiance, add scented candles to the display, and surprise your guests as they breathe in the soothing aromas.

  11. Perfume heaven

Perfume bottles are lovely objects, so why should they be on a one-dimensional tray? Build an aromatic sculpture by placing all your bottles and sprays on cake stand levels, where you can get to them easily and admire them daily.

Finally, why not start a cake stand collection? Grab your cake stands, add them to some vintage family heirloom and homemade stands, and display them all together in a living room cabinet. Like fine china, they make a wonderful artistic statement and create real beauty in your surroundings.