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Enhance Your Table Decor With Charger Plates

Charger plates are a simple and instant way to elevate the look of your dining table. They add depth and dimension to each place setting while serving as a convenient display space for each plate. Chargers allow you to establish a uniform look as well, creating a well-designed table that's ready for your next dinner party. Discover the types of chargers that Pottery Barn offers and learn how to use them in your home.

Types of Charger Plates

When you're shopping for charger plates at Pottery Barn, you have several choices to make. First, consider the material that works best with your decor, your china and your personal preferences. Sturdy galvanized iron adds a durable and industrial touch to your dining table, which can contrast with your delicate ceramic dinnerware. Versatile polypropylene chargers work well for both casual and formal events, meaning you'll always have a reason to use them. Wood chargers add a natural, rustic touch to your tablescape. Woven styles, such as rattan chargers, are equally versatile, complementing any style of dinnerware. Finally, glass chargers add an elegant touch to formal dinner parties.

Next, consider what shape charger works best in your space. Round chargers are supremely versatile, working well with any style of dinnerware. However, they aren't your only option. Square charger plates allow you to mix and match geometric shapes, lending further intrigue to your place settings.

Your final selection when shopping for charger plates is the finish. Neutrals abound in this Pottery Barn collection, allowing you to find a hue that complements your dinnerware. Dress up or down metallic-hued chargers, which include gold charger plates and silver charger plates. Wooden chargers feature a natural brown finish, which creates a neutral base upon which to place your favorite dinnerware. You can also find other neutral chargers in hues of black and white. When selecting the right shade, consider other elements of your dining table, including tablecloths.

Charger Plate Designs

Another element to consider when selecting charger plates for your home is the design of the charger. Some feature smooth, sleek surfaces that allow your dinnerware to make the statement on the table. Other chargers make a statement on their own. Discover chargers adorned with festive stars inspired by the American flag, seashells for a coastal touch or intricate pressed glass designs that add vintage charm.

This collection of chargers available at Pottery Barn helps you create an artfully designed table for your next meal. Whether you're entertaining during the holidays or hosting friends for an intimate dinner party, you want to create a space that's as stylish as it is inviting. These chargers add a layer of depth to your dining table, creating a space that your guests will appreciate. With many available styles in this collection, you're sure to find charger plates right for your home.