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How to Set the Table With Chargers

Using chargers to set the table is an easy way to dress it up. Chargers come in many different shapes and sizes, so it’s a simple way to change the look of the table for different occasions or special meals.

Place Chargers Under Dining Plates

Chargers are typically designed to be a little larger than a dinner plate. Put a pewter or silver charger under a dinner plate to make it pop. Red plates on silver are beautiful to celebrate Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Blue plates on silver are suitable for Hanukkah. Celebrate the holidays and seasons with a splash of color. Pastels are terrific for use around Easter and springtime while bold colors of oranges and yellows are fabulous in summer.

Mix and match colors for a festive way to display the dining room table for family dinners or entertaining with friends. Woven chargers are a rustic way to adorn the table. Place dinner plates with subtle patterns atop the chargers and enjoy a casually elegant meal. Black chargers under solid white dinner plates can make a beautiful, even elegant table presentation.

Accentuate a Table Centerpiece

Create a centerpiece for the table with a charger holding assorted votive candles. The charger protects the table from the heat of the candles but also reflects the light when the candles are lit. Place fresh greenery around the charger to add some color and natural beauty.

Another way to make a centerpiece is to use a charger to showcase a potted plant or flowers. Botanicals can be switched out with the seasons. Try poinsettias or an amaryllis in December, orchids or hydrangeas in spring and summer. Topiaries and boxwoods work well all year long. Faux plants are zero maintenance, and some live plants like succulents are low maintenance. Those with a green thumb can showcase live orchids or other blooming plants as a centerpiece. A wooden charger placed under the plant would keep with the earthy tone, or choose to brighten the centerpiece with a shiny beaded charger.

Let the Charger Work as a Trivet

Chargers can serve as decorative trivets on the dining table or buffet. Put hot serving bowls and other dishes on the chargers to protect the surface of the table or buffet from the heat. The charger serves as a protective layer and it dresses it up. The charger will also catch any drips or spills. Because chargers typically extend beyond the edges of the dishes on top, they make a convenient spot for resting the serving utensils. They make it easier to pass the serveware around the table without the serving utensils toppling out of the dish.

Replace Place Mats with Chargers

Chargers are ideal to use instead of place mats and don’t take up as much room. The best part is they can stay out all the time to decorate the table with or without a meal. Use place mats on small or large tables and experiment with different shapes to see what works best. Cloth napkins tucked in napkin rings and placed in the center of the charger is all it takes to add some accent colors. Monochromatic white napkins, colorful patterns or seasonal varieties decorate with subtle detail. Using cloth is eco-friendly since they are reusable and easy to maintain. Aside from that, keeping the table set all the time is a classic way to have the table ready for an impromptu dinner.