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Types of Bar Accessories for the Home Bar

Offering guests a beverage as soon as they enter your home is the mark of a good host. Welcome friends and family to your home in traditional fashion by outfitting your living area with a bar stocked with common liquors, mixers, and elegant bar accessories. A well-stocked bar isn't only convenient; it's also a fun opportunity to bring your style into your room. Bar accessories come in a range of styles from which to choose, from classic glass and crystal pieces to contemporary copper and brass barware. Your well-stocked bar will allow you to act as a bartender, serving up delicious drinks in moments.

Bar Essentials

Decanters, cocktail shakers, ice buckets, bar tool sets, and coasters are just a few of the items a well-stocked bar requires. The ice bucket is often the largest item displayed, making it the piece that sets the theme for the rest of the items. Choose an ice bucket that speaks to your personal design style and select additional bar accessories in keeping with that design.

Decanters are available both for wine and your favorite liquors. Because they are often made of glass, they are easy to mix and match or collect over time. Decanting wines and liquors helps you eliminate the bottles and present the liquids in a more sophisticated fashion. For mixed drinks, you'll want a cocktail shaker that will allow you to serve up perfectly mixed, ice-cold beverages. Of course, serving mixed drinks may require a stylish bar tool set as well.

Bar tool sets are a collection of items used to craft delicious mixed drinks. They often come with a coordinating stand and are beautifully crafted, making them a lovely display piece for your bar. A typical bar tool set may include any of the following items:

Jigger: A jigger or jigger cup is a measuring device used to pour a perfect shot. Some jiggers are double sided, allowing them to pour one or two ounces with ease.
Strainer: Mixing drinks with muddled fruits, fresh herbs, and citrus rinds require a final straining before serving. A strainer is designed to fit the opening of your cocktail shaker, allowing you to pour the drink while removing seeds and pulp.
Bottle Opener: Opening beer bottles requires an opener. Why not make it a stylish addition to your bar by purchasing a bar tool set that includes this handy item?
Garnish Knife: It all comes down to final presentation, and a garnish knife helps you slice fruit or rinds to perfection.
Spoon: Some drinks require a gentle stir rather than the vigorous shake of a cocktail shaker. When this is the case, the spoon will be the tool you reach for. The long and slender design allows it to fit in highball glasses with ease. The back side of the spoon can also be used to pour the components of layered drinks.

The drinks you make deserve to be presented in style. Outfit your home bar with an array of stylish bar glasses designed for the beverages you serve most. White wine, red, wine, and champagne flutes will present your favorite vintages properly. Go classic with a stemmed version or keep it contemporary by opting for a stemless collection of wine glasses.

In addition, a bar cart is a great place for both low and high cocktail glasses. The low glasses are ideal for serving liquors straight up while the taller ones provide the room needed for mixed beverages. Shot glasses, martini glass, margarita glasses, and beer steins are all additional items of glassware you may want to add if those are drinks commonly served in your household.

Invite guests to enjoy their drinks without damaging your furniture by making sure you hand them a drink napkin or coaster along with their specially crafted beverage. Coasters aren't only functional; they're also a great way to infuse some personal style into your bar. Go with a seasonal design or choose something timeless such as your family monogram.

You don't have to stock an entire bar at one time. Keep your bar more basic by choosing the types of drinks your family enjoys most. If you only drink wine, limit the arrangement of your cart to items that serve that purpose. If you enjoy local brews, a beer-themed bar may be more appropriate. If you want to serve a large group of people for a party, consider creating a signature mixed drink for the event and limiting the ingredients presented at the event. Mules, sangrias, and punches make great options for seasonal parties. Let the guests create their drinks by offering one or two common liquors and adding a variety of mixers and garnishes. Limited menus cut down on your serving costs and give you the freedom to slowly build up your bar over time.