Beverage & Drink Dispensers

Serving beverages in style is easy with the right beverage and drink dispensers. When it comes to throwing a dazzling cocktail party, using a dispenser allows guests to serve themselves. In contrast with a punch bowl, they’re excellent for outdoor use, as they provide an extra barrier that prevents any unwelcome critters getting in. At Pottery Barn, the stylish range of drink dispensers come with a sleek bar-like look, making it easy to create a sophisticated tone. Take that tone even further with cocktail glasses. With the right combination of glasses and dispensers, creating a party atmosphere that’s both elegant and inviting is simple.

Beverage dispensers aren’t just for adults; they keep smaller members of the household happy too. As the heat of summer starts to settle in and little ones are looking for something cooling to drink amid a day of playing, drink dispensers and pitchers provide easy access to lemonade. As there’s a range of dispensers that are ideal for refreshing drinks, helping children stay hydrated is simple. Combined with a good measure of ice and a few slices of lemon, they make quenching thirst easy. When used alongside acrylic drink ware tumblers, they’re an excellent choice for children of all ages. To make life easier for little hands, bring the set to life with ice buckets from the bar accessories collection. Alongside easy-to-use tongs, an ice bucket makes it easier for older kids to serve themselves with an invigorating drink after a day out in the sun.

All good barbecues and parties require plenty of organization, but that doesn’t have to mean you are stuck running around serving drinks. Some beverages, such as punch and some cocktails, are suitable for making in large batches and placing in dispensers or pitchers. Whether it’s authentic sangria that echoes true Spanish flair or enough Mai Tais to keep a large group of guests going, there’s plenty of scope for keeping your barbecue’s attendees refreshed. To ensure there’s no breakages, choose from our range of durable outdoor drinkware, reducing the risk of breakages. Whether it’s stemware for a classic feel or large tumblers for towering drink portions, each set comes with an organic look that’s just as attractive as glass. While colors vary from set to set, many are simple enough to blend in with just about any barbecue theme, making them great for future use.

Fans of all things vintage and rustic can set the right theme in their home with drink dispensers made from wood. Carry on the vintage look with other kitchen accessories, such as pitchers. Filled with tantalizing drinks such as watermelon juice, such kitchen accessories are ideal for keeping the whole family refreshed.

When teenagers want to disappear into a little world of their own, they like to make it as cozy as possible. Whether it’s a tree house or a retreat in the garage, a beverage dispenser is an excellent way to help them hydrate while they hibernate. With a range of dispensers that feature modern designs, finding a purchase that’ll please style-conscious teens is easy. Filled with a healthy dose of iced water, they’re ideal for those who need to spend long hours in their home offices too. To make the drinking experience even more convenient, try tumblers. Featuring brands such as Schott Zwiesel and PB Classic, it’s easy to find glasses that have a high-end finish, as well as simple solutions that are effortlessly charming. With personalized options available throughout our selection of glassware, it’s easy to turn the dispenser and glasses duo into a gift for someone who is setting up a new home, loves to entertain or simply loves their beverages.