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Entertaining with Galvanized Serveware

Hosting a party at home is made much simpler with the right serving utensils, trays and other serving accessories. Galvanized serveware makes the perfect partner for everything from casual barbecues with friends to Sunday dinner with the family. Choose from a variety of different tools, including basic serving spoons and trays, or try something different with galvanized serving containers in fun shapes. Each piece in this rustic serveware collection is not only stylish but also durable enough to be used for both indoor events and backyard parties.

Galvanized Tableware

Set your dining table or picnic table with a beautifully coordinated set of rustic farmhouse tableware. Start by placing a galvanized charger plate at each place setting to add texture and style. These iron chargers pair very well with white or blue dinner plates and salad plates. Finish your tableware with simple white linens and casual cafe glassware.

If you will be eating outdoors, use a galvanized flatware caddy to transport your silverware and serving utensils. These caddies come with four compartments to keep forks, knives, spoons and other cutlery separated, plus a handle for easy transport. A matching caddy for salt and pepper shakers and a galvanized napkin holder also make outdoor entertaining much simpler.

Galvanized Serveware

Serveware crafted of pretty galvanized iron adds industrial or country charm to any meal. Some pieces in the galvanized entertaining collection are simple and mainly functional while others are as decorative as they are useful. With a good mix of serving dishes in your kitchen, you'll always have the tools to serve a variety of meals and snacks.

  • Simple rectangular serving trays with convenient carrying handles can be used to serve food or to transport beverages, condiments or dinnerware. After the party, they can sit on a bar top or coffee table as decor.
  • Galvanized serving bowls are ideal for serving salad, chips, fruit, bread and more. Their generous size makes it easy to serve snacks and sides to a crowd.
  • In addition to basic serving bowls, there are also several decorative snack holders crafted of lovely galvanized iron. These holders feature a sturdy stand which supports several smaller buckets or compartments for a wide selection of party snacks. Providing many options ensures that guests with a sweet tooth and those with a craving for salt will be equally satisfied.
  • Another way to serve snacks or sweet treats is with a tiered stand. The various tiers ensure items like cupcakes or fruit stand out on a buffet table. These galvanized serving stands are available with two or three tiers.
  • To serve cold beverages, be sure to pick up a few galvanized drink dispensers. These dispensers feature an iron base supporting a glass canister with a metal spigot for easy pouring. They're perfect for serving cold drinks like infused water, iced tea, fruit punch and sangria to a crowd.
  • For canned or bottled drinks, like soda and beer, galvanized beverage tubs are a great choice. Fill these large tubs with plenty of ice to keep bottled drinks cool all night long. Some buckets even come with a stand so guests won't have to reach down to get your favorite bottled beverage.
  • To instantly turn your backyard or living room into a home bar, upgrade to a galvanized bar cart. These carts include a bucket or two for ice and bottled drinks but also come with an extra shelf to store liquor bottles, glassware, bar tools and other beverage accessories.

When you serve food from a coordinated set of plates, trays, serving bowls and other galvanized tableware, your guests will be impressed by the level of detail you put into your parties. Mix-and-match pieces from the rustic galvanized serveware collection to create the ultimate set for indoor or outdoor entertaining.