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Decorating Your Kitchen with Accessories

Kitchens are often overlooked as a space that you can accessorize and decorate like other rooms in the home. Why not add a touch of personal style to the area where you spend your time cooking and entertaining friends and family? Easily give your kitchen a facelift with some well-chosen and well-placed accessories. At Pottery Barn, you'll find a wide selection of kitchen accessories for making your kitchen a more stylish and more functional space. We've put together a handy guide on different types of kitchen accessories as well as on how to use them to create the kitchen you've been dreaming of.

Types of Kitchen Accessories

To pick the right kitchen accessories for your home, you first have to know what types of kitchen accessories are available. Among the most useful and popular kitchen accessories that you should consider using as well are utensil caddies. Utensil caddies provide a convenient way to store some of your most commonly used flatware, making it easy for you and for your guests to quickly find the right utensils. Another type of caddy that you may find useful to keep in your kitchen is a soap and lotion caddy. You'll find that it keeps your sink more organized and makes dish or hand washing a breeze.

Baskets, stands, canisters and crocks can be incredibly useful for holding a variety of other kitchen tools and items that you want to keep nearby. For example, a crock is a great place to keep baking tools and utensils such as spoons, spatulas and rolling pins. If you like to keep kitchen staples or perhaps some delicious cookies out on the counter, then a canister with a snug lid will keep everything fresh and secure. For even more handy storage solutions, take a look at different types and styles of stands and baskets, such as tiered stands or hanging baskets.

If your kitchen is really lacking in counter and cupboard space, then you can make use of any available wall space by adding accessories such as shelves and wall-mounted racks or storage organizers. On top of helping you stay tidy and organized, shelves and wall-mounted racks are great to have when entertaining guests or for displaying some of your favorite mug or glass collections. You can even use them to display decorative items that you may not have the space for on your kitchen counters.

There are many additional types of kitchen accessories that can help keep your kitchen more organized and functional. Paper towel and napkin holders are particularly convenient to keep in or around the kitchen for quick clean-up. If you're fond of coffee and tea, or if you like to offer them to your guests, then sugar bowls and creamers are a must. Keeping an elegant butter dish and gravy boat on-hand is an easy way to add an extra touch of sophistication to any breakfast or dinner spread.

Aside from the most common kitchen accessories described above, there are a variety of other accessories that might be well-suited to your kitchen. If you love to try out new recipes, then you will likely appreciate a recipe holder that will keep your cookbooks open and upright. Any avid home cook could also benefit from a spice rack or a Lazy Susan to hold all of their various herbs and spices.

Using Kitchen Accessories in a Stylish and Practical Way

Kitchen accessories come in a variety of styles, including vintage, farmhouse, rustic, modern and traditional. When choosing some new accessories for your kitchen, one of your first considerations should be whether or not the style of the accessories matches the overall style and feel of your kitchen. Modern style accessories, for example, will be best suited to a clean-lined and modern kitchen. However, a few rustic or farmhouse chic accessories can work as nice accent pieces in just about any style of kitchen to make it feel more homey and welcoming.

When adding new accessories to your kitchen, try to make sure that you don't end up cluttering your counter space and hindering your workflow. Place your accessories in unused areas such as corners or towards the back of your counters. The key is to use kitchen accessories that will enhance your workflow by making items such as utensils, spices and paper towels more accessible while displaying them in a way that ties together the look of the space. Even a small kitchen with limited counter space can benefit greatly from accessories such as caddies and canisters to help with storage and organization.

When used in a way that considers both style and function, kitchen accessories can create a more welcoming space and a better workflow. If your kitchen could use a bit of an upgrade in both departments, then a few new accessories will likely do the trick.