Cloth & Linen Napkins

Whether it’s for a formal engagement or a casual dinner, finding the right cloth and linen napkins add to the presentation of your food and comfort of your guests. While smaller napkins work well for informal dinners and cocktail parties, larger ones have their place at formal engagements and buffets. Pottery Barn has a range of both, making it easy to find a set that’s appropriate. There’s also a variety of runners and tablecloths, so once you’ve found the right napkins for your table settings, you can find other linens to complement their aesthetic benefits.

For those that are seeking cloth and linen napkins that are versatile, plain colors are desirable. In addition to acting as a great backdrop for multiple dinner party themes, the lack of patterning makes them ideal for those who like to craft them into creative shapes rather than folding them neatly on the table. When it comes to placing cloth napkins into glasses as part of your presentation efforts, opt for lightweight materials and smaller dimensions. As a result, they’ll look neat and stay smooth once removed. To neaten the presentation further, try the napkin rings and place card holders collection. Napkin rings make it easier to present napkins beautifully within seconds, speeding up the presentation process as a result.

For those who are seeking napkins that are easier to maintain, flax linen is a winning fabric. As it has anti-static properties, it’s less likely to wrinkle, making them easy to iron and keep smooth. Thanks to their absorbent nature, they gather surplus moisture with ease, making it easier to clean up surprise spillages at the dinner table. Their moisture-gathering nature also means they’re extra hygienic. To ensure the dinner table stands a stronger chance of staying neat no matter what, explore the high rimmed serving platters collection. Thanks to their higher sides, they make it easier to keep saucy foods in their place.

Finding napkins that meet multiple purposes isn’t hard when they are reversible. Featuring two different colors on opposite sides, they’re great for those who want to vary the colors they use at dinnertime without taking up extra storage space. This also means they serve multiple purposes when it comes to dinner themes. For example, red on one side is suitable for festive celebrations, and cream for throughout the year on the other. Such napkins remove some of the hassles from planning a party theme. Complement these varied designs with placemats and chargers, which have protective properties when there’s a need to place hot dishes on the table.

Creating a specific party theme is easier when you choose embroidered napkins with appropriate designs. From the holly boughs many associate with Christmas to golden leaves that are appropriate for Thanksgiving, each design has its place at an array of gatherings. The selection available makes it easy to vary how subtle the theme is, too. While delicate watercolors act as a gentle reminder of the season, vibrant prints make great focal pieces. Take the theme creating a step further with carefully chosen coffee mugs and teacups. By matching designs together, you’ll leave your guests without any doubt as to what your theme is.

If you’re seeking a gift that’ll delight the recipient, try the personalized cloth and linen napkins range. With some delicate embroidery, they look sophisticated, which means they’ll take pride of place on the recipient’s dining table. Such napkins are great gifts for newlyweds, or for those who are setting up a new home. Thanks to their personal nature, these napkins remain unique to the recipient. For those who want to give more than one present, the personalized tumblers collection is an excellent option. When used as everyday items, such gifts are both attractive and practical. They’re also excellent for those who simply want to place a stamp on their own kitchenware range, too.