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How to Match Placemats to Napkins

It's easy to create a coordinated table by matching placemats with napkins. When choosing placemats and napkins you can get creative with textures, colors, and prints. Whether you're getting ready for a dinner party or prepping your holiday table, the vast selection makes it easy to achieve any style you're going for.

Types of Placemats

Placemats are a good place to start when dressing your dining table. There are different types of placemats to suit your preferences, whether you like a casual look or something formal. Vinyl placemats are one option; this type of placemat is durable and easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. If you want something elegant, opt for fabric placemats. This type of placemat has a traditional look and can be laundered in your washer and dryer to keep them looking new. Fabric placemats are often crafted from a linen and cotton blend for style and durability.

Types of Napkins

Once you've decided on the kind of placemats you want, the next step is choosing napkins. Paper napkins are a popular option because they're disposable, but if you're trying to go more eco-conscious and create an eye-catching table, cloth is the way to go. There are lots of cotton and linen napkins in colors and prints to match your decor, so finding something that works for your table is easy. These napkins come in sets of between four to six, so it's easy to create well-coordinated place settings. When you need to wash them, just toss them in the washing machine and dry them in the dryer.

Go Monochromatic for Easy Elegance

The modern look is always a winner, and one way to bring its simplicity and style to your dining table is with a monochromatic placemat and napkin pairing. By choosing placemats and napkins in the same color, you can achieve a fuss-free style that lets your plates and glasses take center stage. It's not necessary to choose pieces that match exactly; you can combine different shades and hues of the same color for an understated yet on-trend appearance. For example, a pairing of pale gray and charcoal gray coordinates beautifully while maintaining a bit of stylish contrast.

Try a Breezy Coastal Style

Another popular design style is coastal. This look is all about bringing the laid-back luxury of a beachfront cottage to the home, and it's easier than you might think to put together. When choosing placemats and napkins for this style, look for colors that reflect the beauty of the sand and ocean. For example, beige placemats and blue napkins would work well. You could also choose blue or white placemats and set them off with blue-and-white striped napkins. Some cloth tableware features patterns such as starfish or shells to really deliver a coastal look. Adding napkin rings in a beach-themed design is a great way to add to this look.

Country Charm Made Simple

If you love a casual, welcoming style, then you can't beat a country-inspired table theme. Go rustic with a placemat made with natural fibers, then add a colorful accent with gingham-patterned napkins. You could also go for napkins printed with cute animals like rabbits for the look of a woodland hideaway, or keep it simple with striped or polka dot placemats and cloth napkins in a solid color.

Tips for a Formal Dining Table

To replicate the look of a 5-star restaurant, keep your placemats and napkins classic and understated. Black and white is an effortlessly sophisticated color combination; pair black placemats with crisp white linen napkins to create an upscale table design. When it comes to tableware to match the formal look, white dishes, crystal glasses, and silver utensils can't be beaten.

How to Tie the Look Together

Placemats and napkins aren't the only items you can use to achieve a stylish table setting. Complete the look with coordinating dinnerware, drinkware, and utensils. These items are functional, but they also serve as decorative accents. No matter what style you prefer for your dining table, there are lots of items to choose from to bring the look together. A centerpiece is a great finishing touch for any table; consider an artificial floral arrangement in a silver vase or a grouping of ivory candles on a decorative tray.