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Place Settings & Flatware

Proper place settings are important because they set the tone for the evening meal and influence how appealing the food is when it is presented to your family, a close group of friends or formal dinner guests. When putting together your place settings, you’ll want to begin by selecting a set of flatware. Choose from classic and stainless-steel pieces if you enjoy a basic clean look as well as antique and copper flatware that are reminiscent of times past. If it’s color that you seek, go with a pink enamel flatware set. For texture, a shiny set of hammerhead flatware is best. Don’t forget to add a serving set to your collection. Pottery Barn is proud to offer marble, wooden and burnished gold sets that are designed to complement your flatware choices.

If you’ve ever wondered if the knife goes on the left or right of the dinner plate when setting a formal table, or what the difference is between a salad fork and dinner fork, have no fear, a little know-how will clear it all up. Flatware sets are typically made up of five items: a salad fork, dinner fork, dinner knife, teaspoon and soup spoon. These are arranged flanking the dinner plate, in the order that you would use them throughout a meal, with the flatware used first on the outside. For instance, your two forks are on the left of your plate, with the salad fork on the outside because salad is typically the first course of the meal. On the right side of the plate, you have your dinner knife closest to the plate, then your teaspoon next to it and finally the soup spoon on the outside since soup is also typically eaten before the main course. All of our flatware comes in these sets of five, and you can choose multiple sets to suit the needs of your family and entertaining. Display your silverware on beautiful linen napkins, choosing from our assortment fit for everyday meals through seasonal soirées.

For those special occasions when you’re hosting a potential client, creating an intimate dinner for two restaurant-style or want your Thanksgiving meal to be truly formal this year, your salad fork doubles as a dessert fork and is placed above your dinner plate, along with a teaspoon that’s doubling as a dessert spoon. Both of them are placed horizontally above the plate, with the spoon above the fork. Further add a decorative touch to your place settings by picking up a few napkin rings to go over the linen napkins you’ve chosen. We have shiny hammered nickel as well as gold toned napkin rings that match our flatware. Our flatware choices also include those with an antique look as well as a distressed look, both of which are made of durable corrosion-resistant stainless-steel for shiny flatware that lasts for years, even passed down to the next generation.

Along with stainless-steel flatware, polished brass with antique silver plating is a fine choice, giving you uniquely handcrafted items. Copper plated stainless-steel gives you the weight and durability of stainless-steel with the warmth of hammered copper. Kids love our flatware with colorful enamel coated handles for easy grip and a splash of color to their bowl of cereal and plate of mac and cheese. While most of our flatware is fitting for both everyday and formal use, some choices have a distinctive heirloom design to give a vintage ambience to your meals.

Complement your table setting with a set of placemats. With so many options to choose from, you won’t have any trouble finding placemats that complement both the flatware and linen napkins you’ve chosen. We also have a collection of chargers that provide additional style to your place settings. To complete your dining room table and have it ready for a dinner party, place either a tablecloth or a table runner underneath your place settings. Our collections range from basic to fancy and everything in between.