White & Red Wine Glasses

Enjoying a great glass of wine is easier with the right wine glass. Choosing a smaller bowled glass preserves the light and fruity aromas of white wine, allowing for a refreshing drinking experience. For those who want to embrace the deep, rich and warming tones of a good red, a large and open glass is ideal. When it comes to taking wine extra seriously, Pottery Barn’s range of wine accessories and storage is very useful. While deep buckets filled with ice command the cooling temperatures whites demand, stoppers are excellent for unfinished bottles of all kinds.

Take the glass selection for wine lovers even further by differentiating between shapes. With brands, such as Schott Zwiesel, producing the elegantly tall glasses that allow light-bodied wines to maintain their beautifully fresh flavor, savoring your favorite brands for longer is simple. When it comes to those long summer evenings, switching to outdoor drinkware is worth considering. By replacing glass with beautifully crafted acrylic, it’s possible to enjoy a glass of white in the great outdoors without worrying about breakages. Thanks to the broad range of colors available, it’s easy to coordinate white and red wine glasses with other drinking accessories, too.

While whites respond well to smaller spaces, red wines love to breathe. Throughout the all glass and barware range, there’s a litany of decanters that let red wines do just that. In addition to ensuring any unwanted sediment stays firmly in the bottle, they allow oxygen to release the wine’s full aromas, enhancing your drinking experience. Always remember, a wonderfully open glass furthers the process, allowing the wine to get finer as the evening goes on. For those who want to ensure the wine stays warm, stemless glasses are a great option as they allow heat to radiate from the hand to the glass.

When wine is served at a party presentation goes a long way. Dazzle everyone who attends your soirees by adding a selection of glasses that are sure to please guests. With brands like Bodega, it’s easy to leave guests feeling impressed. For those who want to take a creative approach to drinks, cocktail glasses are also worth considering. Just like wine glasses, their shapes complement the alcohol their holding, refining the drinker’s experience.

Whether it’s a barbecue or a casual family gathering, sometimes wine glasses are best kept away from the great outdoors. Fortunately, there’s a range of acrylic solutions that look and feel just as attractive. Featuring a range of shapes and sizes, acrylic wine glasses are eye pleasing enough for formal events or bring a little flare to a casual gathering. As they’re often shatterproof, they won’t succumb to the perils associated with clumsy hands. To make an outdoor drinking experience even more convenient, drink dispensers and pitchers are available. Whether they’re filled to the brim with iced water to accompany wine or holding a tantalizing punch, they’re great for ensuring gatherings outside run smoothly.

If a party atmosphere commands absolute elegance, brands like Santino set the tone effortlessly. With thick and sturdy bases, they’re great for heavy use, yet their shape retains the refinery needed for formal sit-down dinners. Other brands that feature crystal glasses are also excellent choices as they come with natural sheen and glamour, especially in well-lit settings. To ensure sophisticated events are even more elegant, consider using some bar accessories. With coasters, flasks and ice buckets, it’s possible to give any party a theme that’s memorable for all the right reasons. Matching snack serving sets are also available, allowing those who love uniformity to bring it to their gatherings.