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We're always raising the bar of our environmental and social awareness - and responsibility. That's why we've developed hundreds of items that are easy on the environment and healthier for your home.

Lounge Responsibly

Our PB Air sofa and PB Comfort Eco sofa are crafted in America with eco-friendly materials. The PB Comfort Eco sofa features an FSC-certified wood frame, while our PB Air Sofa keeps its shape with soy-based foam and 100% recycled batting.

Reclaimed and Found Wood

We reduce the need to harvest additional trees by using reclaimed and found wood, material salvaged from old barns, factories, and warehouses. This wood is hand finished to preserve the original knots and grain of the wood.

Recycled Flooring

With rugs crafted from recycled plastic bottles (PET) and natural fibers like jute, our handwoven styles provide the texture and softness of traditional rugs.

We're making choices big and small to lessen our environmental impact and improve the life of people in our global communities, from sourcing sustainable materials to implementing programs that empower our factory workers.

Organic Bedding and Bath

Many of our collections are crafted with 100% organic cotton fibers, which are grown without chemicals that are harmful to farm workers, consumers and wildlife ecosystems.

Recyled Glass

By crafting vases, lighting, candle holders and drinkware with recycled glass, which can be reused endlessly without losing its quality, we save energy, reduce air pollution, and preserve raw materials.

Forest Stewardship Council®

Over one hundred of our furniture pieces are crafted with wood that meets the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council®, which protects forests and the life they support. Our catalogs are printed on FSC-certified paper as well.

Sustainability sourced refers to forest certifications; reclaimed, found or recycled materials; energy and water efficiency; and more.

Organic products are crafted with organic cotton, which is grown from non-genetically modified plants without the aid of chemicals.

Handcrafted products may be 100% handmade by a person or artist, or they may feature some element created by hand.

Products with this logo are eco-friendly, from organic bedding to reclaimed wood furniture to PET flooring to recycled glass decor.

Products made in Fair Trade factories ensure fair wages, improve livelihoods and empower workers in their communities.