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Eco-Friendly Shop

At Pottery Barn, we think beauty is more than surface deep. We work hard to
source responsible materials that are healthy for you, your family and your home.

We are proud to introduce our PB
Comfort Eco Sofa. Master artisans in
our Hickory North Carolina furniture
studio use FSC-certified wood, 100%
recycled steel, recycled polyethylene,
organic cotton and natural latex to
create this eco-friendly collection.
Choose from our wide range of
colors and sizes to suit your lifestyle.
Learn more in the video below.

Reclaimed Wood

Our reclaimed wood furniture is
truly one of a kind. We use a special
process to preserve the original
knots and distressed grain of the
wood and then hand finish each
piece to a rich luster. Live well
knowing every style is eco-conscious
and responsibly sourced.

Recycled Yarn

There are no compromises when it
comes to decorating your home with
recycled rugs. Crafted from recycled
plastic bottles (PET), our refined
handwoven styles offer the same look,
texture and softness as traditional
rugs while making a positive impact
toward sustainability.


As our company expands here at home
and around the world, we are always
raising the bar of our environmental and
social awareness and responsibility.


Just as you may prefer organic fruits
and vegetables, you now have the
option to choose organic cotton
bedding and towels. Organic farming
greatly reduces the use of chemicals in
the production process, protecting
farmers, water supplies and wildlife.
Our plush offerings are good for you
and good for the planet.

Recycled Glass

We welcome the challenge of
bringing new life to core materials.
By using recycled glass in select
collections, we drastically cut down
on waste and supplies. Handblown
pitchers, artisanal chandeliers,
elegant serveware — conservation
never looked so good.


We partnered with the Forest
Stewardship Council as part of our
responsibility to the environment.
Widely recognized as the gold
standard for maintaining the world's
forests, FSC-certified woods are used
in select PB collections and
FSC-certified paper is used for our
catalogs — expanding our commitment
to impact the world in a positive way.

Eco-Friendly Shop

It has never been more important to embrace change regarding sustainable, environmentally aware practices. At Pottery Barn, we take corporate responsibility very seriously. We work hard at sourcing sustainable materials for our products on an ongoing basis and developing more eco-friendly choices for you. We are proud to present the Comfort Eco Line of sofas, armchairs and ottomans. Styles available include roll arm or square arm, slip-covered or upholstered, and five updated classic colors to complement any decor.

Our line of reclaimed indoor wood furniture features many models in various styles and finishes. We offer several types and sizes of tables, beds, trunks, bookcases, dressers and more. Our manufacturers preserve the distressed grain and natural knots of the wood through a special finishing process, bringing out the warm, rich luster of each piece.

We also offer a selection of area rugs made from recycled plastic. They range in size from 2' by 3' to 9' by 12' featuring vibrant colors, hand-knotted fringe, and all the beauty and softness of traditional floor coverings. Our collection of elegant recycled glassware adds a distinctive note to any table setting. We also offer a complete line of organic cotton bath towels featuring several different styles and a range of delightful colors. Several styles of recycled outdoor furniture are available to help you create a relaxing, comfortable patio space for your home that is also eco-friendly.