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Sustainable homes can be both visually stunning and good for the environment. Eco-friendly furniture and green furniture has gone far beyond its alternative origins and features a wide variety of different styles. Whether your tastes lean towards contemporary, bohemian, retro or classic decor schemes, our eco-friendly collections feature a variety of pieces that can complement your home and help save the planet at the same time. In addition, green furniture contains fewer chemicals, which means that these pieces contribute to a happy, healthy home.

When it comes to choosing sustainable furniture pieces, natural materials are usually excellent options. Trees help remove carbon dioxide as they grow, which helps offset carbon emitted during the manufacturing and transportation processes. In addition, woods used to make furniture are non-toxic for both you and the environment. Sustainably sourced woods are the most eco-friendly choices, as they do not contribute to deforestation or environmental destruction. Our collections include pieces from certified sustainable sources for your dining room, kitchen, living room, bedroom or entryway.

Although sustainable wood is a good option, reclaimed wood is even better. Furniture made out of reclaimed wood helps keep trees in the ground and building materials out of landfills. This material can also be very attractive, with finishes ranging from rich to rustic. As reclaimed wood comes from many different sources, each piece has its own character. Pottery Barn carries a fantastic selection of pieces made out of reclaimed wood, including tables, beds, dressers, cabinets and trunks.

Green furniture can include other materials, letting you expand your decor options beyond wood finishes. Metal can be a good option, as it tends to be durable. Glass is also environmentally friendly, as it is both sturdy and recyclable.

Pottery Barn offers a variety of upholstered furniture options for your sustainable home. Our sofas, armchairs and ottomans include pieces consisting of environmentally friendly fillings such as organic cotton batting and elastic cores made out of recycled materials. Choose from organic cotton upholstery fabrics such as twill and canvas in a selection of attractive colors. The wood frames in our eco-friendly upholstery collections feature sustainable materials.

Durability is a very important factor to consider when you are setting up a green home. Replacing furniture less frequently causes less strain on the environment, so choose pieces that are made to last. Pottery Barn’s collections feature excellent construction and durable materials, letting you enjoy your furniture for many years to come. When shopping for upholstered furniture, look for options that include slipcovers. You can wash these in the washing machine in the event of spills or stains, which helps extend the life of your chair or sofa. Slipcovers also make it easy to update your furniture. When it is time to refresh your decor or update the piece, simply remove the old slipcover and add a new one. Our collections include stand-alone slipcovers, letting you quickly and easily update your piece.

Pair eco-friendly accessories with your sustainable furniture pieces. In the bedroom, look out for bedding options made out of natural and sustainable materials such as organic cotton, silk and wool. These not only help the planet but also feel luxurious against your skin. In the living room, add organic cotton decorative pillows and throws to your eco-friendly sofa. Opt for a rug made of wool, jute or recycled materials to tie your furniture together.

Proper furniture care can also contribute to a healthy and environmentally friendly home. Polish your wood furniture with eco-friendly treatments to maintain the finish without harming the planet. Linseed oil is a good choice for most woods and finishes, but be sure to test the polish on the underside of the piece before working it into the surface. Dust and clean wood with a soft, damp cloth on a regular basis for best results. Use an upholstery attachment on your vacuum to keep your upholstered furniture clean without using harsh chemicals. Wash slipcovers with gentle, eco-friendly detergents and hang them to dry.