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Leaning Floor Mirrors

Pottery Barn’s leaning floor mirrors are a dramatically decorative and functional addition to almost any room in the house. Whether you use one of these mirrors to add drama to your bedroom or create dimension in a small living room, our selection of leaning floor mirrors is versatile and glamorous in a refined, classic way. From subtle thin, beveled mirrors to massive reflectors in ornate frames, there are large mirrors in our selection to suit any style of decor. If you have enough space to accommodate one of these floor mirrors, you can create a dazzling display in your home that fits in seamlessly with the surrounding decor.

These mirrors are a smart addition to any room that feels a little bit dark or small. With such a large reflective surface, our leaning floor mirrors can give the illusion of depth to a small living room or dining area. Simply lean the mirror up against a free wall that faces a light source such as a window or a decorative lamp and see how much more light reflects into the room. You can even layer other furniture pieces such as small accent tables or benches in front of the mirror to create a further element of dimension and make the mirror’s placement feel a bit more organic and seamless. This is an excellent decorating approach even in large rooms with plenty of light; anywhere there’s beauty to reflect, a mirror can be a welcome addition.

Mirrors may not be the first decorative item you think of to adorn your dining room, but these shining pieces can inject some glamour and luxury into dinner parties and family gatherings. Experiment with different types of ambience by using different combinations of your overhead lighting, candles and table lamps placed within the mirror’s scope of reflection. This can help you create a different look and feel for each dinner party and holiday celebration you host.

Leaning floor mirrors don’t have to be the sole source of light and embellishment in a room. Our wide variety of mirrors can fit in beautifully alongside different types of wall art, including paintings, photographs and wall sculptures. To make sure your wall decor is seamless and consistent, carefully select your floor mirror to match the style and decorative motifs of the room in question. For example, pairing a mirror in an ornate gilt frame with other pieces in similar frames can help create a visual unity in the room that feels natural and well considered. If you’re skilled at blending visual styles, though, be bold. Our floor mirrors are available in charmingly unique styles, including some with multiple mirror panes in a single frame.

Consider adding one of our leaning floor mirrors to your bathroom as an alternative to the traditional over-the-sink, vanity-style mirror. It’s a dramatic choice, one that can end up making your bathroom feel like a special oasis from the everyday realities of life. As with other rooms, layering against a floor mirror in the bathroom can create additional interest and depth. Consider placing one of our leaning floor mirrors behind a freestanding bathtub or between two separate sink pedestals. As an added bonus, you can quickly and easily check your outfit before heading out thanks to the easy, full-body view these impressive mirrors can provide if placed in an open part of a bedroom or bathroom.

A large leaning wall mirror can also help you reflect a spectacular outdoor view for greater appreciation from the indoors. Beach houses, mountain cabins and lakefront homes can all enjoy enhanced natural beauty with the addition of a leaning floor mirror facing a large picture window with a stunning vista of the surrounding landscape.