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Ludlow Home Office Collection

Whether your home office is a designated workspace, a corner of the living room or a niche in a walk-in closet, there is no need to sacrifice style for functionality. Strike a proper work and life balance with our Ludlow home office furniture at Pottery Barn – these are pieces designed to work overtime.

Once a luxury, the home office is now a necessity. Smart devices keep people virtually connected to their work. Wireless technology and portable electronics provide the digital infrastructure needed to work from home. However, creating a space conducive to productivity requires more than bits and bytes. A proper workspace in the home gets the job done without infringing on your personal life. Your house remains a home, even when you're busy working. It just feels right.

When trying to create a home office that works for you, start with your work habits. If you are organized and tidy, a desk topped with baskets or storage containers makes sense. If you're a clutter bug, look for solutions that conceal messy work, such as a rustic- or industrial-inspired secretary. Whether crafted from kiln-dried mahogany wood or metal, secretaries hide functional workspace with drawers and cord cutouts for use with a laptop or desktop computer. Some feature metal strappings with Old World charm while others have a more modern look. If your home office is the primary place you conduct business, make executive decisions with ample storage solutions like a hidden file cabinet that houses two large file drawers. If your profession requires extensive filing systems, place two of these side-by-side against a long wall.

In an open floor plan, arrange two to three file cabinets to act as a room divider, establishing a boundary between home office and living space. If you must entertain clients in your home, consider adding a piece like a bar cabinet, which can also serve as a beverage center for single-serve coffee and water.

Create harmony by pairing Ludlow pieces with a similarly styled desk with rustic or industrial features. Urban dwellers who need to blend work areas with living spaces can take advantage of furniture that does double duty. A Ludlow side table can also function as a printer or copier stand. When not in use, hide electronic office components in the side table's hidden compartment. Similarly, a Ludlow coffee table can hold books, binders and other work-related materials. Using multipurpose pieces allows you to transform any living space into a home office in no time.